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Jo Langham has been shared in 5 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Ali Sadreddini1,952This is the first Circle I've ever shared. You will find some of the best Australian Photographers who absolutely love what they do and are active on G+.You will certainly have some amazing photos rolling down your streams.Reshare Please2012-10-06 05:55:235011468
Markham Lane4,087******************************************************************* * * * * AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS CIRCLE * * * * *******************************************************************A growing collection of #australianphotographers  who were born in Australia or currently reside here. I want to help promote  #Aussie  photographers. This circle includes all types of photographers from enthusiast, to artistic to professional and also includes a small collection of master photographers and theme pages in this circle too.Do you know anyone who should be a part of the circle? Just nominate them in the comments below and I'll add them in. I'm keen to connect with more Aussie photogs who are on Google+. Got a theme page or business page that should be included in this list? Let me know.Please view this shared circle and see if there's anyone you'd like to add to your own circles. All +1's for this post a great appreciated. Please feel free to re-share this post with your circles - especially if you have a circle dedicated to other Aussies!Goodonya!2012-09-01 02:32:40389782525
Cableicous233Thanks for all teh cables #Cableicous  This mid-week circle share is of all those who have contributed to +Cableicous since inception: it's also a gentle reminder that we'd really appreciate if you could post more #Cableicous  imagery when you have the time to do so.It's far easier for us to keep track of your #Cableicous  images if you tag your post as such and also tag your image as having +Cableicous as a 'person'.Again - thanks for all teh cables!2012-06-20 01:48:01694016
Cableicous56Thanks for all teh cables - 7 Apr 2012This circle contains those who have submitted their #Cableicous imagery for the week ending 7 April 2012.Those of you who have circled +Cableicous and are not yet aware of +Powerline Friday may wish to have a look there, too.2012-04-08 01:45:5823022
Darwin Photo Walks14Whilst eleven (11) individuals have registered for #TheWalkDownunder from Darwin, thus far only seven (7) of you have put +Darwin Photo Walks into your circles. It would be grand if those who have registered from Darwin could add us such that we can let others in the group know who you are.Six (6) more sleeps until #TheWalkDownunder and you can register via this link http://goo.gl/VlrL1.This link http://goo.gl/a92mS shows your meeting place as well as the route we'll be taking.See you there.2012-03-24 00:59:508000


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