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Shepard Fairey has been shared in 16 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Joe Martinez49,715The Best People & Pages from South Florida/Miami on Google+!This circle is bursting at the seams with amazing people & brand pages from the South Florida area! Make sure to circle & share them all and if you are from the area and would like to be added please let me know as well! Here are some quick shout outs that are included in the circle share: +Muse TD, +Ant J, +Henry A. Otero, +Hugo Seijas, +Sze Liu, +Emily SiXx, +Cynthia K Seymour, +Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo, +The Burger Beast, +The Miami Herald, +Denise De La Vega, +Bohemian Babushka, +Rocio Martínez, +Bette Ann Schlossberg, +Carms Perez, +Chris Guanche, +Michelle Marie, +Teresa Sanchez, +2013-05-25 05:02:13501191020CC G+
Andrew Edgington0Active circle with 5011 members - Great content always gets shared!!!2013-03-05 19:29:17500327CC G+
AyJay Schibig14,98621ST CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHERS CIRCLE PART IThis Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this latest edition!  I also curate Part II of this circle.  #circleoftheday     #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles     #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle     #sharedpoint     #sharewithyou       #ShareYourCircle2013-02-20 00:29:16409234CC G+
AyJay Schibig13,43921ST CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHERS CIRCLE PART IThis Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this latest edition!  I also curate Part II of this circle.  #circleoftheday     #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles     #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle     #sharedpoint     #sharewithyou       #ShareYourCircle2013-01-09 06:14:1247914610CC G+
AyJay Schibig12,57021ST CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHERS CIRCLEThis Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this latest  version!  #circleoftheday    #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles    #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle     #sharedpoint     #sharewithyou  2012-12-17 03:38:09497505CC G+
AyJay Schibig9,98121ST CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHERS CIRCLEThis Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this latest  version!  #circleoftheday    #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles    #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle     #sharedpoint     #sharewithyou  2012-11-04 21:23:2149910214CC G+
Josh Joslin0What keeps me coming backThese are my favorite artists I have found on Google Plus.  The whole circle is small, just 31 artists.  I love art that makes me feel good inside. Here is the ones that I don't want to miss when they post new works.  Here is some of my favorites. +pascal campion His illustration always puts a smile on my face+David Horvath created ugly dolls and believes in conspiracy theories what more do you need to know. +Tatsuki Tashiro This guy takes multiple photos of his cat everyday, I can't help but think of it as art, plus his cat is amazing. +Nan Coffey My wife but also a great artist, her work with flat colors, clean lines and characters will make you get a warm fuzzy. Check out her Nandroid series for those android fans. +susie ghahremani San Diego based artist that creates fun things and likes to paint small, and has a great blog. +Paul Stickland Awesome sketches and great style. +David Lozeau Day of the dead artist that will blow you away with his style. Many more! Share this with your friends.  2012-10-01 18:58:5931403CC G+
Trever McGhee11,231+Matt Lichtenwalner has done fantastic work putting this artists' circle together. I follow quite a few of these #artists   #illustrators   and they do amazing work.So I've added the rest to check them out, as we continue to search for inspiring photo's, stories, work ...to promote in our relay.Day 96 of our journey away from home to inspire you to Take2seconds to follow us, to share this post so that we can reach out to more people. Every new follower encourages sponsors to invest in our community projects that generate income to support more community projects that save lives.+Take2seconds  #Take2seconds  2012-08-20 16:58:1350016214CC G+
Matt Lichtenwalner0Been a while since I shared out my 'fellow artists' circle. If you're looking for a little inspiration, or maybe just a bit more color/creativity in your life, you could do FAR worse than to circle these #artists and #illustrators.Hope you have a creative day!2012-08-20 15:24:3550113111CC G+
Christopher Trevino0My Photography Circle continues to grow and grow.While the Circle contains over 1000 people, I can only share 500 of them with you!2012-07-29 04:59:18501201CC G+
Amanda Blain1,605,214*Photography Circle*This is my PERSONAL photography circle. There are amazing photographers in here - Some you probably already know, and many you do not. Some are talented masters, some are just starting out (like me), and everything in between. If you want to see what the photography community on G+ is all about why not check this circle out.If you were notified of this circle You are in it(and I think your stuff rocks) ! Not required but why not share the photo love around! Shared circles make G+ great :) ♥#photography #sharedcircles  2012-07-21 01:29:181609826148CC G+
AyJay Schibig8,359The 21st Century Photographers Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this updated 21.0 version. #CircleShare #photography2012-04-11 05:29:4349411511CC G+
AyJay Schibig8,054The 21st Century Photographers Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this updated 19.0 version. #CircleShare #photography There are a few more spaces to be filled in this circle.. If you would like to be considered for add just leave a comment..2012-03-20 22:58:3749522138CC G+
AyJay Schibig7,981The 21st Century Photographers Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this updated 18.0 version. #CircleShare #photography There are a few more spaces to be filled in this circle.. If you would like to be considered for add just leave a comment..2012-03-16 11:43:58494181210CC G+
AyJay Schibig7,935The 21st Century Photographers Circle is for G+ members passionate about photography. Feel free to Add and Re-Share this updated 17.0 version. #CircleShareThere are a few more spaces to be filled in this circle.. If you would like to be considered for add just leave a comment..2012-03-12 18:03:35494403CC G+
Jasmin Smith0Also, here's my Google+ starter kit with the top 400 people to follow. Enjoy! #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #publiccircles #publiccirclesproject #share #shared #circle #database #public #gplus #gplustips #google #googleplustips #googleplus2012-02-01 19:04:114041403CC G+

Latest posts

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2013-03-29 19:15:44 (11 comments, 1 reshares, 49 +1s)

MOCAtv Presents Art is for You with +Björk, Shepard Fairey, and Os Gemeos http://bit.ly/MOCAtvArtisforYou

posted image

2012-12-03 19:54:20 (5 comments, 1 reshares, 42 +1s)


This just in! Miami DJ gig number two… The Garage grand opening. Stop by if you like good music and happen to be in Miami.

More info: http://bitly.com/OGtheGarage

posted image

2012-11-28 20:00:50 (8 comments, 1 reshares, 27 +1s)

I will be DJ'ing a couple times in Miami. This Bardot gig should be fun. If you are in Miami for Art Basel or otherwise… check it out!
-Shepard Fairey

posted image

2012-11-14 20:11:39 (8 comments, 1 reshares, 61 +1s)

Fine Art from Sound & Vision - London 2012. "Lotus" Rubylith

posted image

2012-11-06 20:24:27 (7 comments, 5 reshares, 49 +1s)

I could go on and on about the flaws of the system itself, but short of a violent revolution (which I don’t advocate), the only way to improve the governance of the country, and the system itself, is to VOTE. Vote people in who will make positive changes for government and for the people. I’ve talked to many people who say “f*ck the system—I’m not voting,” but when you remove yourself from the democratic process by saying “f*ck the system,” you’re only ensuring that the system will be more f*cked.

This is no time for idealistic posturing on the sidelines. When you don't vote, the people who benefit most from your apathy certainly didn't want you to vote. If you’re as frustrated as I am, and you want to give a big F*CK YOU to someone who'd love to oppress you, VOTE—and give the middle finger to the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Wall Street, and all the other powerfulinterests who want us... more »

posted image

2012-10-29 19:07:35 (11 comments, 6 reshares, 79 +1s)

From the OG Archives (This means it's Old!) Check it out...


More info: http://bitly.com/OGpeacegoddess

posted image

2012-10-25 19:20:22 (7 comments, 2 reshares, 63 +1s)


I’m helping a great kids charity in the UK – Art Action for Kids. A cool collection of modern and street artists are auctioning works online to raise money for kids arts programmes – you can bid for my work and raise money for a great cause at the same time.

More info: http://bitly.com/OGartaction4kids

posted image

2012-10-23 19:08:43 (3 comments, 3 reshares, 30 +1s)


OBEY Giant has teamed up with the Ink Cards mobile app so you can send this VOTE postcard to your friends encouraging them to vote! It's easy:

Download the free Ink Cards app on your iPhone or Android: www.sincerely.com/ink
Open the Ink app and select the card. Write a message reminding your friends to vote. 
Create an account with your email, add addresses, and send for free!
***Posse, please contact http://Sincerely.com/ink for more information. The postcard will be printed on 5x7 glossy stock and mailed to your recipient. HURRY.... only a few thousands cards are available FREE!! Tell us what you think and you might be the proud owner of a signed 24x36 Vote screen print with option for Shepard to personalize it just for you!! Don't forget to VOTE on 11.6.12.... our... more »

posted image

2012-10-15 19:10:02 (6 comments, 3 reshares, 58 +1s)


More info: http://bitly.com/OGduality

posted image

2012-10-10 19:15:21 (14 comments, 20 reshares, 58 +1s)


8 x 24 inch screen print, signed and numbered edition of 450. The first 200 are included in the Americana Box set (sold out). Limit 1 per person/household. $55.

More info: http://bitly.com/OGgetajob

posted image

2012-10-08 19:06:16 (27 comments, 14 reshares, 63 +1s)


posted image

2012-10-03 18:57:18 (6 comments, 6 reshares, 81 +1s)

BEHIND THE SCENES - Preparing for "Sound & Vision" exhibition in London: Shepard working on "Love is a Drug" fine art piece on canvas.

posted image

2012-10-01 19:05:44 (2 comments, 5 reshares, 21 +1s)


After seeing my friend Sarah Silverman's voter suppression post, RJ Rushmore from Vandalog told me about a site that clearly explains the voter ID requirements in each state. http://VoterID.me is the site to check out. Voting is extremely important despite the inherent flaws in the two party system. Make sure you have what you need to vote and please exercise your right to weigh in by voting!

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2012-09-28 19:02:07 (6 comments, 6 reshares, 43 +1s)


Our friend and famed photographer, Mike Miller is pleased to announce a series of exhibitions at Supra Footwear locations. Mike is best known for his Hip Hop imagery. After seeing his photograph of the legendary Rap icon Eazy-E, Shepard had to collaborate with Mike. OBEY Giant will be releasing “Compton’s Most Wanted” print in the coming weeks!

More info: http://bitly.com/OGmikemiller

posted image

2012-09-25 19:20:02 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 23 +1s)

Print Archives: "TOKYO SHOW", 2001

More info: http://bitly.com/OGtokyoshow

posted image

2012-09-23 18:57:17 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 30 +1s)

BEHIND THE SCENES - Preparing for "Sound & Vision" exhibition in London: The first step of a fine art piece is the collaging on paper or canvas. Newsprint, fan mail, old office documents, currency, maps, obey printed patterns and photos are just some of the things you will find hidden within the collage. After this step, the piece is sprayed with cream spray paint and stencils.

posted image

2012-09-21 19:26:20 (7 comments, 2 reshares, 34 +1s)


More info: http://bitly.com/OGmachine

posted image

2012-09-19 19:06:43 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 22 +1s)

Print Archives: "COLLABORATE", 2002

More info: http://bitly.com/OGcollaborate

posted image

2012-09-17 19:06:41 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 17 +1s)

Print Archives: "ADORNED", 2001

More info: http://bitly.com/OGadorned

posted image

2012-09-15 19:06:31 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 46 +1s)


The Public Trust Presents
Printed Matters
Editioned Works By Shepard Fairey

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 15, 2012 , 6-10 PM

September 15-October 20, 2012

More info: http://bitly.com/OFprintedmatters

posted image

2012-09-13 19:01:20 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 25 +1s)

Print Archives: "OBEY/WK FLYER (SILVER)", 2007

More info: http://bitly.com/OGwkflyer

posted image

2012-09-10 19:04:08 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 28 +1s)

Print Archives: "VINTAGE PASTER", 2006

More info: http://bitly.com/OGvintagepaster

posted image

2012-08-27 19:01:28 (14 comments, 12 reshares, 102 +1s)

Mural Archives: "Guns and Roses"

More Info: http://bitly.com/OGGunsandRoses

posted image

2012-07-30 18:48:28 (6 comments, 10 reshares, 62 +1s)

Check out this link to a plethora of parodies of my Obama HOPE poster. I’m very happy that the HOPE poster has become such a point of reference. One parody that is not included is something I consider a high point in my career for pop culture recognition. Mad Magazine’s new cover is a spoof of my Obama image. I loved Mad as a kid. I think Mad’s satire heightened my understanding of irony and hypocrisy. I’m very excited to be a part of Mad’s history.

More info: http://bitly.com/OGmadhope

posted image

2012-07-19 19:04:44 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 21 +1s)

Print Archives: "THE FIFTH BEATLES PRINT", 1997

More info: http://bitly.com/OGfifthbeatle

posted image

2012-07-16 19:01:32 (13 comments, 9 reshares, 73 +1s)

Print Archives: "Peace Girl", 2005

More info: http://bitly.com/OGpeacegirl

posted image

2012-07-12 18:59:44 (9 comments, 3 reshares, 29 +1s)

Print Archives: "IT’S MOURNING IN AMERICA", 2012

More info: http://bitly.com/OGmourning

posted image

2012-07-09 19:03:44 (7 comments, 3 reshares, 38 +1s)

PRINT RELEASE TOMORROW! Vive Le Rock, signed and numbered. $45 

More info: http://bitly.com/OGvivelerock

posted image

2012-06-27 19:03:09 (3 comments, 3 reshares, 21 +1s)

BRAND X with Russell Brand - Premiers this Thursday, 11pm E/P on FX!!

+Russell Brand is a friend and my studio and I recently worked on logo and set design for his new show called BRAND X. The thing I love about Russell is his fiercely intelligent ability to combine humor with social commentary in a way that is both entertaining and provocative. Russell has been meditating and pondering a higher path for humanity while also pondering the fit physiques of his female fellow yoga students. His show will stimulate above and below the belt. Don't miss it. - Shepard

posted image

2012-06-25 19:01:11 (7 comments, 6 reshares, 63 +1s)

OBEY Hendrix with Strat, 2005

posted image

2012-06-21 19:20:49 (8 comments, 5 reshares, 47 +1s)

“Skateboarding changed my life. When I was a teenager, I needed a creative, physical outlet that didn’t require me to join a team, and skateboarding was just that. I enjoyed the aggression and stress relief it provided, as well as the creative progression it allowed me to make. The culture of skateboarding also inspired me to make stencils and homemade t-shirts, activities that led to the career I have today. I owe so much to skateboarding for its influence on me, so it’s a pleasure to try to inspire others to skate.” - Shepard Fairey

posted image

2012-06-18 19:05:27 (8 comments, 3 reshares, 33 +1s)

Print Archives: "Godfather- Sonny", 2006

More info: http://bitly.com/KqHxbB

posted image

2012-06-14 19:19:20 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 14 +1s)

Attention fans in Paris!!! Please join Shepard at the Vive Les Friends Event this weekend!!!! 

Vive les Friends Events

Friday, June 15th: Artist Talk 
We often see their art but we rarely hear them talk about it. As part of our Vive Les Friends celebration at the Levi’s Flagship Store on Champs Elysees, we are hosting a talk between the transatlantic friends Mr ANDRÉ and Shepard Fairey. Moderated by Michael Dupouy of LAMJC, the hour-long talk beings at 20:00.

Saturday, June 16th: DIY Workshop with Mr. ANDRÉ and Shepard Fairey
Although they may now be two of the most famous contemporary artists in the world, Shepard Fairey and Mr. ANDRÉ have alwaysoperated outside of the larger art establishment. And like many otheroutsider artists of their generation, their humble beginnings forced them to make do with what they had. It’s this distinctly“Do-it-Y... more »

posted image

2012-06-11 19:05:31 (5 comments, 3 reshares, 37 +1s)

Print Archives: "Evolve Devolve", 2008

More info: http://bitly.com/OGevolve

posted image

2012-06-07 19:08:22 (5 comments, 6 reshares, 51 +1s)

Print Archives: "Riot Cop", 1999

More info: http://bitly.com/OGriotcop

posted image

2012-06-04 19:10:34 (8 comments, 1 reshares, 32 +1s)

Print Archives: "Bad Brains", 2003

More info: http://bitly.com/OGbadbrains

posted image

2012-05-31 19:03:05 (8 comments, 2 reshares, 22 +1s)

Print Archives: OBEY VAN, 1997

More info: http://bitly.com/OBEYvan

posted image

2012-05-30 01:23:51 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 15 +1s)

ATTENTION FANS: Last week, we held our first Fan Appreciation Week on Facebook, as a thank you to our fans! We asked Fans to comment on Facebook posts beginning May 21 - May 27, 2012. Chosen at random, the following Fans were selected to receive some really awesome prizes:

VIP Access Pass
Curtis Jones wrote on our Facebook page: Gas masks look so cool. Sunday at 1:04pm

Keith Haring Print
Erik Beehn wrote on our Facebook page: Really? If you don't think Warhol had a major influence on the world around you- your blind... And who questions MLK- really? Craziness...Sunday at 5:15pm

Shoplifters Welcome Print
Polly Shrimps wrote on our Facebook page: im in love. Saturday at 1:18pm

Tony Alva Frontside Print
Jeremy Howes The obey empire? are you serious, all those haters out there focus on the real corrupt empires that are really... more »

posted image

2012-05-29 19:07:54 (9 comments, 3 reshares, 42 +1s)

Print Archives: "Radicals", 2003

More info: http://bitly.com/OGradicals

posted image

2012-05-24 19:27:52 (4 comments, 3 reshares, 34 +1s)

Print Archives: "Melvins", 2000

More info: http://bitly.com/OGmelvins

posted image

2012-05-21 18:53:03 (12 comments, 12 reshares, 73 +1s)

In memory of the Notorious B.i.G. RIP

More info: http://bitly.com/OGbiggie

posted image

2012-05-17 19:12:22 (15 comments, 3 reshares, 66 +1s)

We go through a lot of paint at the studio, but we always recycle when we can!

posted image

2012-05-14 19:14:52 (17 comments, 7 reshares, 55 +1s)

Print Archives: More Militerry, 2003

More info: http://bitly.com/OGmoremiliterry

posted image

2012-05-10 19:22:27 (10 comments, 11 reshares, 81 +1s)

The Golden Rule - "Measure Twice, Cut Once"

posted image

2012-05-07 18:59:47 (22 comments, 2 reshares, 41 +1s)

Stencil File Cabinet - Can you spot your favorite?

posted image

2012-05-03 19:09:39 (10 comments, 16 reshares, 47 +1s)

Shepard Fairey spent several weeks in New York in July 2011 and February 2012, creating and printing the works for his forthcoming exhibition at Pace Prints. In this video, he discusses the ideas behind the works and the printmaking processes that he used. Don't forget to check out the Opening exhibition at Pace Prints this Saturday!

posted image

2012-04-30 19:08:41 (13 comments, 11 reshares, 59 +1s)

Shepard Fairey: HARMONY & DISCORD X Pace Prints NYC

Shepard Fairey: Harmony & Discord
Opening: Saturday, May 5, 12-8pm
May 5 – June 16, 2012
Pace Prints, NYC

More info: http://bitly.com/OGpaceprints

posted image

2012-04-26 19:08:02 (10 comments, 5 reshares, 52 +1s)

Gloria Steinem, a Woman Like No Other

More info: http://nyti.ms/OGgloriasteinem

posted image

2012-04-23 19:23:32 (2 comments, 7 reshares, 27 +1s)

OBEY THE GIANT - The First Narrative Film About OBEY


A top secret project has just been revealed. Julian Marshall (RISD '12) recently directed the first narrative film about the early life of Shepard Fairey and the origin of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign. The film chronicles the Buddy Cianci billboard incident that occurred while Shepard was a Junior at RISD in 1990. The trailer is available on his Kickstarter page. Julian is currently raising funds for post production.


Based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s first act of street art, OBEY THE GIANT tells the story of a young skate punk challenging a big-city mayor and the powers-that-be at art school. Frustrated by his inability to gain respect within the confines of art school Shepard sets out to gain notoriety and acclaim by targeting the most powerful man inP... more »

posted image

2012-04-20 19:12:15 (38 comments, 15 reshares, 108 +1s)

OBEY Marley - 35x47 Mixed Media and Collage, 2004 (Fine Art)

I bought Bob Marley's Rastaman Vibrations shortly after I started skateboarding in 1984, purely because the only good skateboard ramp where I lived was called "The Rasta Ramp." I had mostly been listening to punk rock but I was exited to discover reggae, which even more boldly embodied many of the same elements of social protest as punk but in a way that was much more palatable to my parents. I think y parents bought me Bob Marley and the Wailers records for every Christmas or birthday until I had accumulated their entire catalog; my very conservative grandmother even bought me a Bob Marley shirt from Jamaica. I leaned more towards punk, but some punk bands, most notably Bad Brains, embraced both punk and reggae. Bob Marley's music always cheered me up during my high-school years of personal struggle. I'm always... more »


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Shepard Fairey