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2016-06-21 19:16:31 (2 comments; 3 reshares; 25 +1s; )Open 

Fabio Cembranelli, artista brasileño contemporáneo.


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2016-06-20 06:13:16 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 5 +1s; )Open 

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2016-06-19 17:24:43 (23 comments; 1 reshares; 162 +1s; )Open 

Σ ί φ ν ο ς
S i f n o s
Καλοκαιρινές εικόνες

#ελλάδα #sifnos #cyclades #greekislands #greece #hellas #greekphotographers #greekphotos #friendsofphotooriginal

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2016-06-14 05:28:34 (73 comments; 13 reshares; 280 +1s; )Open 

↪ Guten Morgen liebe Freunde ↩

Wenn die Sonne erwacht
und das Glück für mich lacht
hab ich schon an dich gedacht
ich kann es in deinen Augen lesen
die Nacht ist schön gewesen
wenn des Lichtes heller Schein
tief dringt in mein Herz hinein
fühle ich mich nicht so allein
die Finsternis weicht von meiner Seele
weil ich dir meine ganze Liebe schenke
Worte die beschreiben können
was du mir bedeutest
hab ich noch immer nicht gefunden
du bist plötzlich in mein Herz gedrungen
und wenn dein Mund sagt
ich bin ohne dich allein
kehrt meine Liebe in dein Herz hinein.....

von Tina ↪

posted image

2016-06-07 20:02:43 (22 comments; 13 reshares; 270 +1s; )Open 

I''m laughing way too hard at my own comment in the screenshot.


posted image

2016-06-06 17:51:59 (4 comments; 0 reshares; 22 +1s; )Open 

Should you happen to have a facebook account it might interest you to know that there is now a "World Best Top Photographer Association" group.
If you are a BTP member but not part of the the group yet, please look out for it and ask for access. You''re welcome!

posted image

2016-06-05 06:39:11 (39 comments; 89 reshares; 1,459 +1s; )Open 

Eternal Hope - Photography by +Baber Afzal  bit.ly/baberafzal A shot taken during a workshop I had early this year. We were blessed with such a great sky that day and the image is proof of how beautiful it was.

To learn more on how to create such images, subscribe to my video tutorials: http://www.baberafzal.com/tutorials - Baber Afzal

#desert #dunes #light

posted image

2016-06-05 04:26:39 (13 comments; 0 reshares; 31 +1s; )Open 

Bună dimineața prieteni! 

posted image

2016-06-02 23:56:37 (0 comments; 22 reshares; 56 +1s; )Open 


また、今後ネットラジオや放送での広報も企画されていますのでお見逃しなく!... more »

posted image

2016-06-02 05:41:43 (27 comments; 87 reshares; 1,181 +1s; )Open 

Marina Sunset - Photography by Hayden Scott haydenstinebaugh.com Sunset in the marina at Lake Michigan. #sunset #lake #marina

posted image

2016-06-01 00:36:43 (86 comments; 72 reshares; 2,063 +1s; )Open 

Jangan Pernah Membentak Ibumu!

“IBU, masakin air bu. Aku mau mandi pakai air hangat,” seorang anak meminta ibunya menyiapkan air hangat untuk mandinya.
Sang ibu dengan ikhlas melaksanakan apa yang diperintah oleh sang anak.

Dengan suara lembut ibunya menyahut, “Iya, tunggu sebentar ya, sayang!”
“Jangan terlalu lama ya Bu! Soalnya saya ada janji sama tema,.” ujar sang anak.

Tidak lama kemudian sang ibu telah usai menyiapkan air hangat untuk buah hatinya.

“Nak, air hangatnya sudah siap,” ibu itu memberi tahu.
“Lama sekali sih, Bu…” sang anak sedikit membentak.

Setelah selesai mandi dan berpakaian rapi, sang anak berpamitan kepada ibunya, “Bu, saya keluar dulu ya, mau jalan-jalan sama teman.”

“Mau kemana nak?” tanya sang ibu.
“Kan sudah aku bilang, saya mau keluar jalan-jalan samateman,” kata sang anak sambil m... more »

posted image

2016-05-31 06:39:23 (8 comments; 25 reshares; 45 +1s; )Open 

+NIA Ops​ +Niantic Project​ +Susanna Moyer​
Dear NIA, I''m a lvl 16 RES Agent from Shanghai, China. My ID is 24CGCTDJ (which was the exact invitation code back in May 2013). In the morning of May 30th, 2016, I was shocked that my account got banned. During that time I was just doing my daily hacking routine in my office. And 1 minute later I got your the ban email. I can''t access my Ingress account inventory since then.

Digging into the similar cases happend to other fellow agents, eg. ZaneZhu, who also got banned the other day, we got the conclusion that it was probably caused by something Xiaomi did in MIUI system (the famous Chinese Android System) for Xiaomi cellphone. I was using the built-in MIUI (OS Version:MIUI 7.3 stable, Android 6.0.1 as attached screenshot). We assumed it introduced some new feature to save battery however messed with GPS. I think this was thereason ... more »

posted image

2016-05-31 02:41:21 (1 comments; 1 reshares; 5 +1s; )Open 

Ancient history elsewhere in the world. Video, great insight into history..and the stories eventually found in the Bible.

posted image

2016-05-25 13:45:05 (22 comments; 103 reshares; 1,105 +1s; )Open 

Textures - Photography by +Amit Haas  amithaas.com Sunrise at Dead Sea, Israel 2015. (One exposure) - Amit Haas #deadsea #sunset #beach

posted image

2016-05-23 21:06:33 (4 comments; 5 reshares; 26 +1s; )Open 

i don''t have followers, i have friends

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2016-05-19 22:13:43 (88 comments; 79 reshares; 369 +1s; )Open 

G+ Android Update 7.9.0
We''re beginning to roll out our tenth Android app update of the year. This release addresses a number of bugs and a frequent bit of feedback:

* 13 bugs fixed
* 6 accessibility issues addressed
* View large profile images in a gallery

More Android app updates are coming so please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that''s the best way to make sure we see them. Thanks~

posted image

2016-05-19 17:30:59 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 11 +1s; )Open 

Jägerkaserne Trier
WW+ architektur + management sàrl | 2016
Project website: http://rdt.ac/e1297
# #rendertaxi #3D #archviz

posted image

2016-05-19 16:23:50 (25 comments; 76 reshares; 1,003 +1s; )Open 

Window to Wonderland II - Photography by Shane McDermott www.shanemcdermottphotography.com Be sure to check out my upcoming "Inner Light Photo Tours" workshops here: shanemcdermottphotography.com/Workshop-Portal-1/Inner-Light-Photo-Tours
I photographed this location several months ago, but wasn''t completely happy with the results. The second attempt was shot at 14mm. Several images have been manually blended for DOF and exposure. - Shane McDermott
#arizona   #sedona   #sandstone  

posted image

2016-05-19 05:35:15 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 11 +1s; )Open 

Amanece este #jueves de #primavera

posted image

2016-05-18 22:23:29 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 50 +1s; )Open 


#คำพูดที่สุนีย์ #คำคม

posted image

2016-05-18 14:50:36 (0 comments; 3 reshares; 7 +1s; )Open 

Avec son escalier étincelant en cristal Swarovski et sa piscine à débordement dont les eaux semblent se mêler à celles de la Méditerranée, le MSC Divina est indéniablement synonyme de glamour. http://bit.ly/1HJEZ0i

posted image

2016-05-18 03:04:48 (44 comments; 69 reshares; 1,026 +1s; )Open 

Canyon Curves - Photography by +Peter Coskun  www.pjcphotography.com Spent the weekend exploring some new locations around the grand canyon (at least to me) and had some pretty spectacular light. This was sunrise on Saturday morning. After shooting the milky way I wandered back to camp for a few extra hours of sleep. Upon awaking, I could see hints of pink and orange on the horizon. It took me a bit to catch my bearings and get out of the tent (it''s pretty comfy when you are exhausted), but I made it out and the light slowly began to glow onto the landscape. Moments later, the sky erupted in beautiful orange and pink tones. I loved the curves found in this canyon, and took advantage of the complimentary rocks from above. This place did not disappoint! - Peter Coskun
#grandcanyon #arizona #sunrise  

posted image

2016-05-17 08:37:35 (9 comments; 80 reshares; 407 +1s; )Open 

Light bulbs upcycle
#usefulTech #DIY #lightBulb
+Angel Encantador​

posted image

2016-05-15 17:47:30 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s; )Open 

Louis Blanc - Half a century series

posted image

2016-05-13 18:14:26 (17 comments; 104 reshares; 1,029 +1s; )Open 

Discovery of Freedom - Photography by Gabriele Careddu www.gabrielecareddu.it Discovery of Freedom Alghero, Capo Caccia (Sardinia, Italy) #seascape #cave #sardinia

posted image

2016-05-11 22:47:36 (6 comments; 5 reshares; 65 +1s; )Open 

Парад Победы 1945 года

posted image

2016-05-10 19:28:48 (49 comments; 5 reshares; 219 +1s; )Open 


Warmest greetings and all the best wishes to everyone !!!

#flowerphotography   #naturephotography   #photography   #floralphotography   #flowers   #spring2016  

posted image

2016-05-09 01:07:16 (0 comments; 5 reshares; 66 +1s; )Open 

"That Wanaka Tree"

Morning mist over a popular tree at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Excited to return in just a few short weeks :)


#LandscapePhotography #NZ #PhotoWorkshop #Travel #Nature #NewZealand #Wanaka #LakeWanaka #Autumn

posted image

2016-05-08 15:07:36 (37 comments; 131 reshares; 1,166 +1s; )Open 

Celestial Rain - Photography by +Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim www.everlookphotography.com Thank you to Lincoln Harrison whose images of milky way zooming were the first that I had seen. Thank you Denis Smith (aka ball of light) whose images of balls of light under this ‘eagle’ rock were among the first awesome shots of remarkable rocks at night that I had seen. Thank you Luke Tscharke whose zodiac image of a milky way zoom I marvelled at during the FOCUS awards last year. Thank you to anyone else who I may have omitted who might think that this image represents something familiar from this location (even though your images don’t come to mind.) Thank you disillusionment, Thank you frailty, Thank you consequence, Thank you thank you silence. Thanks Alanis Morisette :)
This shot was taken at Remarkable Rocks as the clouds you see blew in bringing rain until dawn arrived an hour later.My or... more »

posted image

2016-05-06 17:01:03 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 25 +1s; )Open