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2015-03-29 01:28:54 (44 comments, 112 reshares, 1229 +1s)Open 

3 Barrels - Photography by Forrest Stanley Diamond Peak is a familiar sight to any Canyon boater. This is the last major landmark before the popular take-out point in the Diamond Creek drainage. I like to spend a layover day here and consume any over proportioned supplies that may have accrued over the course of the trip. It''s bad form to bring beer or bacon out of the Canyon with you. - Forrest Stanley

#GrandCanyon #colorado #river

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2015-03-28 19:44:37 (58 comments, 11 reshares, 131 +1s)Open 


~ Spring mood ~

#Bellesphos   +Belles photos 
#artistphtographeramateurorprofessional   +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional 
#hqspflowers   +HQSP Flowers 
#hqspmacro   +HQSP Macro 
#showyourbestwork   +ShowYourBestWork 
#macroaddict  +MacroAddict 

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2015-03-28 19:00:22 (4 comments, 6 reshares, 126 +1s)Open 

~ Search of prey ... ~

#Caturday   #Caturdayeveryday   #Catlovers   #Cats  

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2015-03-28 09:25:54 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 10 +1s)Open 

Best of Love Song 2015| The All time Love Song In March 2015

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2015-03-25 18:14:37 (130 comments, 147 reshares, 66 +1s)Open 

●●● ¿Cómo se llama esto en tu país? ●●●
●●● ¿Sabes cuál es su historia? ●●●
Si bien no se conoce el verdadero origen de las canicas, su origen aparentemente se remonta hasta el Antiguo Egipto y la Roma Precristiana. En efecto, se han encontrado canicas presentes en la tumba de un niño egipcio de alrededor del año 3000 a.C. En Creta, por su parte, los niños jugaban con canicas construidas a partir de materiales preciosos. En la Antigua Roma era un juego infantil cuya popularidad se extendió hasta la Edad Media.

Hablar de la historia de las canicas es como realizar un trabajo de rescate de la tradición oral de las canicas, un juego cuya influencia cultural fue determinante como medio de identidad social y aún se conserva en la memoria de las generaciones de los años treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta y hasta sesenta.
El origen de la palabracanica proviene del germano knicher ... more »

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2015-03-24 11:50:49 (51 comments, 43 reshares, 1058 +1s)Open 

Chicago Sunrise Photography - Lake Michigan  - Sunday
Well there''s a fresh 4" of snow over this now and I am hoping that''s the last of was nice (albeit short lived) to see sand Sunday. 
For More Images and to Buy Prints Check the Site:

#Chicago   #Sunrise   #LakeMichigan   #Nikon   #ChicagoPhotography #Photography #seascapephotography

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Kevin Rowe +Toshi N

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2015-03-24 10:51:08 (27 comments, 101 reshares, 1191 +1s)Open 

Reach the horizon - Photography by Coolbiere. A. Baikal Lake, Russia. #iceskating #winter #ice  

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2015-03-23 19:34:01 (84 comments, 166 reshares, 1145 +1s)Open 

Moraine Lake - Sven Müller Photography The Moraine Lake during sunset. Unfortunately without a reflection in the lake but I guess that''s the price for such clouds. - Sven Müller   #morainelake #banff #mountains  

posted image

2015-03-21 20:20:32 (31 comments, 156 reshares, 1179 +1s)Open 

One more night - Photography by +Jorge Maia
#seascape #night #boat

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2015-03-21 01:50:44 (20 comments, 97 reshares, 1056 +1s)Open 

Guided by light - Simon Roppel Photography First light at Lofotens Haukland beach.. one of the most beautiful places in the world. #haukland #norway #winter

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2015-03-20 14:52:36 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)Open 

Feliz fin de semana amig@s pluser@s  =D

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2015-03-18 18:46:03 (58 comments, 227 reshares, 2143 +1s)Open 

Meanders of Gold - Photography by +Romain Matteï. Take a look at his Facebook page for more beautiful landscape photography: #beach #seascape #longexposure

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2015-03-18 05:02:19 (7 comments, 191 reshares, 84 +1s)Open 

Who''s the cute little fishy, who, who?

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2015-03-16 23:34:45 (4 comments, 10 reshares, 7 +1s)Open 

All-Star Moderators of #LawyersAnsweringQuestions   

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+Stephan Futeral
+Jeffrey Lapin   
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2015-03-16 20:38:56 (112 comments, 202 reshares, 1428 +1s)Open 

King Penguins At Sunrise - Giedrius Stakauskas Photography A group of King penguins enjoying the sunrise on Falkland islands. #penguins #beach #sunrise

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2015-03-16 15:24:55 (18 comments, 0 reshares, 11 +1s)Open 

Lets go for a sail.

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2015-03-16 09:43:17 (32 comments, 128 reshares, 1002 +1s)Open 

Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun - Michał Mierzejewski Photography #baltic #beach #sunset

posted image

2015-03-15 22:28:15 (62 comments, 178 reshares, 1924 +1s)Open 

Just turn on the lights - Photography by Jimbos Padrós An image of yesterday afternoon in the village of Queralbs. It was very cold. Even saw the blue sky, but the town began to darken. #spain #night #streetphotography

posted image

2015-03-15 18:34:58 (27 comments, 5 reshares, 54 +1s)Open 


So as the population on the spaceship that God gave us starts to fill to capacity, I predict that there will be more and more Sunday dinner conversations around the idea of whether or not one would want to live on either the Moon or Mars etc.  I know I wouldn''t want anything to do with that but I suppose if I was forced to give up my seat on Spaceship Earth, an orbital station-community-country-world would be a much better alternative...... at least on paper.

Of course aside from finding the massive amount of raw materials needed for construction and then solving the logistics challenge which as an Earth based logistics professional (Truck Driver) gives me a migraine, there is the most important life force to simulate in order for human life to continue in style and that''s Gravity.  Somes... more »

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2015-03-15 14:53:15 (40 comments, 105 reshares, 1014 +1s)Open 

In the sun... Photography by Krystian Bigos Tatry winter, Poland, 2015. #mountains #winter #hike

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2015-03-15 10:41:08 (284 comments, 326 reshares, 3728 +1s)Open 

Multnomah Falls - Luke Sergent Photography Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. #waterfall #multnomahfalls #columbiarivergorge

posted image

2015-03-15 09:13:35 (40 comments, 165 reshares, 1364 +1s)Open 

Green flames in a full moon night - Photography by +Giorgio Dalvit Add him to your circles and check out his website for more beautiful nature photography:   #nothernlights #auroraborealiis #norway  

2015-03-14 17:33:26 (36 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)Open 

Now for a different slice of π

Question: Is Judas (Iscariot) in Hell?

Important Note(s):
ⓐ Feel free to add comments as you see fit (but do not expect immediate responses from me ).
ⓑ I reserve the ability to block ignore anyone thinking they need to circle me in some effort to save me (please leave that to those I trust). You can however, keep praying to whomever, or whatever you choose to, and
ⓒ Please do not expect me to agree or disagree. I only request that no one start some Social Holy (or Holier Than Thou ) Crusade because, "It is what it is, but it ain''t what you think!"

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2015-03-14 16:55:38 (61 comments, 142 reshares, 1439 +1s)Open 

Patagonian Norway - Photography by +Alfredo Costanzo #lofoten #norway #mountains

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2015-03-14 12:02:55 (29 comments, 53 reshares, 515 +1s)Open 

Soooo cute and funny :)))

#caturday   #caturdayeveryday   #cute   #funny   #funnygifs   #animalsphotography   #catlovers   #cats  

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2015-03-13 23:11:42 (7 comments, 2 reshares, 25 +1s)Open 

Congratulations West Virginia!
They just banned abortion after 20 weeks. They had to override a governor''s veto. This is the will of the people, expressed through their elected representatives, and I am thrilled for them, and for the babies whose lives have been saved!

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2015-03-13 21:05:31 (32 comments, 137 reshares, 1079 +1s)Open 

Grand Reflections - Photography by Justin Majeczky One of the things I try to teach people about landscape photography is you have to be very observant. This photograph is an example of just that. Walking back to the car I noticed a faint red glow behind this mountain caused by the light pollution of Banff. With the moon as a fill light I set up with a reflecting pool in the foreground and took a long exposure. The reds from the town really help isolate and highlight the grand mountain. The reflective foreground and icy shores helps drag your eye into the composition. - Justin Majeczky 

#astrophotography #banff #canada

posted image

2015-03-12 23:42:43 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)Open 

"It has been a long time since we last met, Ron Scroggin."

"Has it VortexKeeper? How long? I can''t tell what time it is when I''m this close to the Vortex. You know. Days go by in an hour -- or nothing happens for days."

"It has been many turns Man."

"I knew you would say that Keeper."


"It''s a hell of a thing Keeper."

"Well I know it Man, here at the Edge. I feel the pull in my bones."

"It is strong today. I feel it in my blood."

"Well you should. We are at the tipping point of commitment to the Vortex, vast dynamo in the field of being. Thinking of going in?"


"It looks like you are not going in alone…"

"I never do Keeper. My friendsare here with me... more »

posted image

2015-03-12 21:12:32 (33 comments, 124 reshares, 1078 +1s)Open 

Shimmer - Photography by +Jake Olson  #summer #girl #nature

2015-03-12 16:19:54 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 30 +1s)Open 

الحصول على رقم أمريكي مجاني
اصبح اغلب البرامج تهتم بجمع المعلومات وتطلب رقم المستخدم حاليا
وكثيرون لا يريدون التعريف بارقامهم
تطبيق  TextPlus يتيح لك إمكانية إنشاء رقم أمريكي خاص بك
تستطيع استخدامه وكأنه رقم هاتفك بالفعل
بإمكانك تفعيل لاين وفايبر وأي خدمة أخرى تتطلب رقم الهاتف
عن طريق إدخال رقمك الذي حصلت عليه
وستصلك رسالة رمز التفعيل داخل تطبيق TextPlus
كما يتيح التطبيق إمكانية الدردشة الكتابة والصوتية مع الأصدقاء المشتركين الذين يستخدمون التطبيقأيضًا
شرح استخدام  برنامج textplus
في الشرح طريقة تغير الرقم  هي طريقة طلب الرقم الأمريكي
مــلاحــظـة :
هذا التطبيق افضل مميزاته يمكن تغيير الرقم الأمريكي بنفس الجهاز والاميل
عيوبه لا يستطيع تفعيل الواتس اب... more »