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posted image

2016-09-14 15:43:04 (69 comments; 92 reshares; 1,002 +1s; )Open 

S is for Smith - Photography by +Ted Gore  tedgorecreative.com Golden morning light illuminates Smith Rock in central Oregon. One of the hottest climbing spots in the country, if not the world. I''m sure you can see why. - Ted Gore #smithrock #oregon #river

posted image

2016-09-12 20:25:31 (47 comments; 138 reshares; 1,021 +1s; )Open 

Slave''s Edge - Photography by Janne Kahila by www.jkahilaphotography.com The Faroe islands was one of the most beautiful and unique locations I have ever visited. What made this place extra special is the small amount of tourists that have yet found the islands. During this easy few hours'' hike on a rather clear day I only met two other people. Two!?! And this is a tourist destination by Faroese standards. I honestly think nowhere in the world does good infrastructure, beautiful scenery and feel of remoteness come together like they do in Faroe islands.
This picture features one of the most amazing sights in the islands with lake Sørvágsvatn floating 30m above sea level and cascading into the atlantic via a waterfall. And all of this can be seen from 140m tall vertical cliffs from where the slaves where once pushed over the edge. Hence the infamous nickname Slave''s Edge.
This isa... more »

posted image

2016-09-12 00:06:28 (53 comments; 76 reshares; 1,215 +1s; )Open 

Field of Dreams - Photography by Marc Adamus www.marcadamus.com The fourth image in a long and diverse series of shots from places I visited this summer in the wilds of British Columbia and Alaska while heli-backpacking on multiple trips. You might call this a ''sister'' image to the last which I posted here - wildflowers, cascades, enormous glacial mountains, turquoise lakes, etc, but it is from a different place. There are so many places up here, fifteen hundred miles of non-stop mountains - the most beautiful and undiscovered on the entire continent.
On September 13 of this year I will be announcing a new kind of photographic adventure trip which will highlight these regions in both Alaska and BC, utilizing our own helicopters on call at all times to take a select few in small groups to experience these most magical and wild of places. The way to sign up for these trips is to contact... more »

posted image

2016-09-10 21:42:18 (3 comments; 4 reshares; 11 +1s; )Open 

+Tinc Dumitru +Tinc Traian-Laviniu +Circle and Share Tinc Dumitru Google+ 

posted image

2016-09-10 09:07:22 (53 comments; 108 reshares; 1,067 +1s; )Open 

The Fountain of Life - Photography by Marc Adamus www.marcadamus.com This great paradise is real, and taken during an 8-day heli-in backpacking foray through these incredible ranges, which I am about to make far more accessible to a certain few. This is one of the very many places I have found in my journeys through the endless coastal mountains of British Columbia and Alaska. These mountain paradises are the most rugged, remote, untouched and strikingly beautiful places for landscape photography I have seen on Earth. The landscapes here unfold like a storybook. Turquoise glacial lakes, more waterfalls than anywhere on the continent, unrivaled wildflower gardens and some of the largest and striking mountains in the world among other things unexpected, like say, reflections of mountains through fifty foot high arches made out of ice :-) This is the third image from an ongoing new collection of... more »

posted image

2016-09-07 23:37:06 (1 comments; 3 reshares; 5 +1s; )Open 

asabiyim dokunmayın )

posted image

2016-09-07 15:17:14 (6 comments; 3 reshares; 32 +1s; )Open 

Bayeux, Place aux Pommes - 2 -
Wasserrad - Water Wheel - Roue à Eau

#Frankreich #France #Normandie #Normandy #Calvados

#hqsparchitecture +HQSP Architecture curated by +Rhonda Krause and +Dmitry Jurkov

#BTPArchitecturePro – +BTP Architecture Pro founded by +Rinus Bakker, owned by +

posted image

2016-08-31 15:35:17 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 7 +1s; )Open 

How to become a child of God

posted image

2016-08-30 07:14:29 (3 comments; 0 reshares; 32 +1s; )Open 

Das Album Rettenberg Galetschbach ist jetzt fertig und freut sich auf die Freunde des Allgäus

posted image

2016-08-29 08:19:15 (3 comments; 0 reshares; 34 +1s; )Open 

Corvette Z06

posted image

2016-08-28 15:26:28 (4 comments; 0 reshares; 14 +1s; )Open 

Dropping this as a greeting. :3
So wonderful to see some old faces, as well as new ones to me :D.

Character Tewi Inaba from Touhou Project
Source Zerochan

posted image

2016-08-21 00:33:45 (1 comments; 2 reshares; 14 +1s; )Open 

How to say " Rak Tam alkho " our pure Marocain Sahraoui language from Tafilalet #KarimDehbi  

posted image

2016-08-20 06:59:01 (8 comments; 5 reshares; 64 +1s; )Open 

Good morning G+
....and happy s(c)aturday
from my archive for +MY BELOVED CATS
Guten Morgen und einen wunderschönen Samstag. Kaffee? :-)))
Proud member of www.besttopphotographer.com +Rinus Bakker
+BTP Editors'' Choice (Top Photo page) +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo +BestTopPhotographer
#bellesphoto +Belles photos +Jean-Louis LAURENCE
#DailyBellePhoto +*

posted image

2016-08-11 11:05:17 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s; )Open 

Программа доступное жилье

posted image

2016-08-08 15:07:38 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 12 +1s; )Open 

Boa noite meus amigos 

posted image

2016-08-08 15:07:38 (9 comments; 4 reshares; 42 +1s; )Open 

Boa noite meus amigos 

posted image

2016-07-24 10:48:50 (12 comments; 1 reshares; 24 +1s; )Open 

Ho tanta voglia di leggere ma sto terminando la mia lista di "Libri assolutamente da leggere", tu cosa mi consigli?

Nella foto: un Gatto in un giardino di esserini rosa molto simpatici ...
#Gatto #Giffoni #libri #letture

posted image

2016-07-20 22:16:53 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 13 +1s; )Open 

"Embrace", Leo Plaw, 50 x 70cm, oil on canvas

On one hand, it represents a desire for security, the warmth of a comforting embrace, or that of (hot) passion.
On the other, integrating anima and animus, the comfort of knowing ones self, or being contact with True Will.
To others, they may say rather a "higher force", and what ever names their beliefs attach to that.
Even in the darkest of times or places, we can find serenity, guidance and self acceptance.

#art #artist #artblog #artwork #painting #artforsale #artworkforsale #newcontemporary #newcontemporaryart #newcontemporarypainting #figurativepainting

posted image

2016-07-20 09:28:16 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 9 +1s; )Open 

Teatro Greco di Taormina

#italy #italia #sicilia #sicily #taormina #teatro #greco #emotions #emotional #holiday #dreams #panorama #landscape #landscapephotography #ancient #story

posted image

2016-07-18 12:11:05 (3 comments; 2 reshares; 26 +1s; )Open 

Pokemon Go

#pokemongo #pokemon   #pokémongo   #game   #gaming   #games   #niantic   #catchemall   #photo  


posted image

2016-07-15 11:40:47 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 16 +1s; )Open 

Le mie calze a strisce gialle e nere! Il regalo migliore che ci sia!
Avete mai letto "Io prima di te"? È un libro che mi piace molto ...

#mebeforeyou #ioprimadite #louisaclark #Gatto

posted image

2016-07-15 09:02:19 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 9 +1s; )Open 

maps ... i 1000 posti più incredibili di questo mondo

#places   #placestovisit   #placestosee   #incredible   #best   #maps   #curiosità   #curiosity   #curious   #voyage   #aroundtheworld   #world   #holiday   #holidays  

posted image

2016-07-14 18:48:14 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 20 +1s; )Open 

Quei momenti in cui mprovvisamente iniziano a sorriderti anche le auto per la strada ...

#cars #smile #Gatto

posted image

2016-07-07 10:15:56 (3 comments; 7 reshares; 93 +1s; )Open 

Die Ferienzeit rückt immer näher. Wohin verschlägt es Euch dieses Jahr? Wir haben mal Urlaubsziele mit Wow-Faktor auf unserer Pinnwand gesammelt. Viel Spass! https://www.pinterest.com/hotelglockenhof/amazing-places-around-the-globe/
(Bildquelle: http://cazadorsavia.tumblr.com/post/28750703012)

#glockenhof #hotel #zürich #zurich #holidays #visitzurich #bahnhofstrasse #urlaub #ferien  

posted image

2016-07-04 06:08:19 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 24 +1s; )Open 

Tu guardi questo favoloso panorama ... io, da Gatto, cerco di prendere la tortora sul bordo della terrazza


posted image

2016-07-01 07:42:44 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 24 +1s; )Open 

Etna adventure !...

#etna   #sicilia   #sicily   #italy   #vulcano   #black   #sand   #dunes   #adventure  

posted image

2016-06-22 16:21:18 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 34 +1s; )Open 

Le gole di Al Qantarah =^.^=

#Alcantara #Sicilia #Etna

posted image

2016-06-21 19:52:39 (0 comments; 3 reshares; 132 +1s; )Open 


©Ele Leisegang Photography

​#HQSPLandscape​ #LandscapePhotographyShow​ #LandscapePhotography​​ #EuropeanPhotography  #everydaythings #naturephotography #naturelovers #naturephotos #bellesphotos #hamburg
#Hamburgphotographers #nexus6 #ele 

posted image

2016-06-21 19:16:31 (12 comments; 12 reshares; 59 +1s; )Open 

Fabio Cembranelli, artista brasileño contemporáneo.


posted image

2016-06-21 10:49:20 (6 comments; 13 reshares; 66 +1s; )Open 

12 Most Creative Strategies to Craft an Effective Blog Post
Do you wonder why some blog posts tend to attract a lot of readers and get a lot of reaction? This is not really a measure of talent or the choice of words at all — it’s more about the skills you need to harness to get more of what you desire.

In these 12 most creative strategies to craft an effective blog post, we’ll look at ideas how you can accomplish more on your blog.
Read it here: http://bit.ly/CraftBlogPost

#blogtips  #blogging #bloggingtips  #howtoblog