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Liz Quilty has been at 21 events

Jordon Mizzi480Come along to Melbourne's 5th IngressFS event. We're going back to where it all began 1 year ago! The cross faction BBQ will start at 11.30am with sausages and drinks for a gold coin donation that will go towards prizes for the next FS event. The BBQ and start location is at the King's Domain portal https://www.ingress.com/intel?ll=-37.824317,144.977468&z=17&pll=-37.824317,144.977468 We will be scoring 14 categories using the Agent Stats app* (www.agent-stats.com) and giving out prizes to the best person** on each team in each category, 28 prizes in total!  Registration will be at 12.30 where everyone will need to bring their scanner to the Faction Leaders (Derek and Jordon) in time for a 1pm start for the competition. At 3pm, everyone will need to come back to submit their end scores with the Faction Leaders. *Final stats must be submitted by 3.15pm sharp or you will miss out* on being included in the results and prizes - *no exceptions.* The scores will be announced at 4:00. The battle area will be confined to the portals within the map below, any activity outside the area will be disqualified. If you would like to contribute prizes to the competition, please contact us before the day so we can announce them before the event.Melbourne IngressFS - Feb 20162016-02-06 11:30:0039  
Ingress4,301,415*Final #Darsana  Anomaly Auckland* *Cluster 1-4:* http://goo.gl/kTRspt *Anomaly schedule for 12/13/2014* Measurement Times are in-sync with the Tokyo Primary Site: 6PM Measurement 1 7PM Measurement 2 8PM Measurement 3 9PM Measurement 4 The world around you is not what it seems. Statues, public art, and historical sites have been activated as Ingress Portals. XM Anomalies are free player events that bring together hundreds of Resistance and Enlightened Agents of all Levels for an intense burst of walking, running, and biking gameplay. After the Anomaly, Agents rendezvous at the Cross-Faction Meetup to celebrate and meet new recruits. It’s time to move. New to Anomalies? We were all Level 1 once. Here are protips to help you get started: 1. When planning to go to an Anomaly, reach out to your local RES or ENL lead. Find your local Faction lead (http://goo.gl/ylNaLx). 2. On the day of the Anomaly, identify Agents wearing green or blue armbands to help you level up.  3. Focus efforts on building rather than destroying by deploying Resonators and establishing Links and Fields. Learn more about Ingress events at (www.ingress.com/events) #Darsana XM Anomaly Primary Site in Tokyo, JP on Sat, Dec 13. Satellite Sites in Auckland, NZ; Manila, PH; and Seoul, KR. #Ingress #Darsana XM Anomaly: Satellite Site, Auckland, NZ2014-12-13 18:00:00354  
Google+12,238,244The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033721  
SOLAR IMPULSE796,849Solar Impulse has demonstrated that a solar-powered airplane can fly day and night without fuel. Next challenge is to fly around the world in 2015. Join famous pioneers discussing right here on Google+ and be a part of it. Solar Impulse’s ambitious journey Across America pushes energy efficiency to an unprecedented level and serves to inspire people worldwide to make a broader use of clean technologies. This flight will be the last leg to reach JFK Int. Airport from Dulles Int. Airport. The plane took-off on May 3rd, from San Francisco and successfully reached Phoenix, Dallas, Saint Louis and Washington D.C. Post questions for our pioneers on this page or via a YouTube video using #13SI for a chance to see them asked on airA flying Google + Hangout to meet pioneers – James Cameron, ELEW, Erik Lindbergh – discussing with Solar Impulse’s Co-Founders. Moderated by Jason Paur from WIRED2013-07-06 21:00:00651  
Euro Maestro98,016Live hangout on air with Alexis Ohanian - co-founder of RedditSpotlight on Alexis Ohanian with Euro Maestro - Live Show2013-05-15 17:00:0064  
Adafruit Industries2,064,025If you are on Google+ and want to join, post a message/comment on Adafruit’s post on Google+ and say you want to show off a project and we will add you the “Show and Tell” circle. Then just look for the hangout announcement on the very same page later for your invite. There’s an 8 to 10 (at the same time) people limit per hangout, so if it’s full try later or just pop by next week same time. Some weeks are packed! At 9:30pm ET you will see a link to the hang out. Just keep your mics muted until we call on you and have your project ready. For those who just want to watch, you’ll be able to watch it live on Google+ ‘s broadcast feature on Adafruit’s page AND it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube automatically.SHOW-AND-TELL Google+ LIVE Hangout!2013-05-12 03:30:007  
Euro Maestro98,016Live Hangout on Air ShowExplore Google Glass with Euro Maestro - Live2013-05-09 21:00:0083  
Google Play9,305,922Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two of film’s biggest comedy stars, are now its most unexpected interns in their new movie, “The Internship.” Join Vince and Owen in a live Google+ hangout hosted by Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, February 13 at 11am PT to get the inside story about their latest comedy and be the first to view the trailer.  For a sneak peek at what’s in store, check out Vince and Owen in the video, and submit your questions for the comedy duo using #TheInternshipHangout with Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, as they debut “The Internship” trailer, hosted by Conan O’Brien2013-02-13 20:00:0010921  
Google Science Fair3,057,669*Are you a tech nerd?* *Is “early adopter” your middle name?*  *Do you dream of creating the latest and greatest in technology?*  _*Come get a firsthand look at how awesome being an engineer can be*_  Join us tomorrow, *December 15*, as MIT engineer, +Limor Fried give's us a tour of +Adafruit Industries, home to one of the largest collections of free electronics tutorials, open-source hardware and software in the world. Limor founded Adafruit to create the best place online for learning electronics, making the best designed products for makers of all ages/skill levels and to help educate and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.  *Bring your questions and curiosity to follow along with Limor and the other #deSTEMber participants at 10 AM PST / 12PM CST / 1 PM EST* Keep tuning into the 31 days of #deSTEMber with +Girlstart and +Google Science Fair for more at-home experiments and STEM activities. *For a full list of events, check out Girlstart’s calendar* (http://goo.gl/fP810)deSTEMber In the Field Friday with Adafruit Industries2012-12-14 19:00:00185  
Peter Lake10,027To celebrate #deSTEMber  a star will wink at you from the other side of the universe. In a world first we are going to bring a live exo-planet transit (weather permitting) to a Google Plus Hangout. If we are successful we'll just have to have another go at the earliest opportunity. In support of #deSTEMber +girlstart and +google science fair, we'll spend 2 hours talking about exo-planets, whilst operating a 0.5m telescope remotely and updating the data as we go. This is real science live in action. The LIVE STREAM Link will be posted below at about the start time which will be: US MST 7th Dec 7pm, East Coast US EST 9PM, West Coast PST 6pm, UTC 8th Dec 2am (sorry europe) and Australia 8th Dec, 1PMLive Exo-Planet Transit to celebrate #deSTEMber2012-12-08 03:00:00298  
Daria Musk3,764,631*You, Me & A LIttle Music History!* Join me - virtually - on November 29th for a very special live in-studio, interactive Hangout Concert from Times Square in New York City! *How To Join The Hangout!* ★ RSVP Right Here! ★ Circle @109766514680275896293  They're our gracious Hangout Hosts ★ Be a VIP by commenting below! I'll add you to my early-invite VIP circle! ★ We'll rotate the Hangout seats to get as many people in as possible! ★ Global Start Times: http://bit.ly/QbrDDv *Tell Me More...* I have a feeling this virtual, interactive, multi-dimensional concert will be another amazing night to remember and share together! We'll have cameras, lights, lots of songs and tons of action! This is the launch of a new series of Hangout Event Series by +Stonehenge NYC and I'll be singing and hanging with you from world-famous KMA Recording Studios where everyone from Whitney Houston, to Karmin to Jay-Z have laid down their tracks!  And our secret(ly awesome) undisclosed location has been revealed! It's The Brill Building - where hit songs have been written and recorded generation after generation. The walls are singing with music legends past and now you and me will be a part of it's storied history! Woop! :) *One More Surprise* is on the way... Something special for everyone joining the Hangout... I can't wait to light up New York City with you... More deets to come ;) XO, DariaDaria & You ★ In-Studio Concert From Times Square ★ Live At Stonehenge NYC2012-11-30 02:00:00380  
Google Science Fair3,057,669Join us for a Hangout on Air with Vint Cerf, a computer scientist recognized as one of "the fathers of the Internet." We look forward to a conversation with him about how the Internet continues to evolve, and the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Have a question for Vint? Submit it in the comments below and we may ask it on air!Google Science Fair Hangout on Air with Vint Cerf2012-11-13 01:00:00472  
Fraser Cain980,602Join us once again for another trip to visit the furthest reaches of the Universe. A hardy team of dedicated astronomers will set up their scopes and journey from object to object. We might get a waning Moon, a rising Jupiter and lots of other deep sky objects. We'll even take requests. Because evening arrives earlier, we're able to start earlier, so make sure you doublecheck the start time. If you want to be notified each week about our star parties, make sure you circle @100902337165997768522 on Google+ #vsp-nov4Virtual Star Party - Nov. 4, 20122012-11-05 03:00:00490  
Liz Quilty78,454The line up for the first show are the following guests @117735786919944218372 Should be in showing us his home made Arduino based coffee machine   @115420961179277990370 Sans Cable - a website that is a DVR for YouTube videos. (Tracks your watched time, adds subscribed videos) @105484284735002007613 Cross-Platform Mobile Development - (iOS dev) @102953614522521365925 Homebrew entertainment center and lighting control (mostly software, but will get some photos of the hardware together) http://home.caerleon.us/brian/TSandT/ @101147402122867422953 The Angry Beanie Recording  Setup For those who are in the hangout, make sure you have the plugins installed and enabled and have tested it in a hangout already, I will invite you in 10 mins prior to start time. For everyone else, i will be opening it up to people in my circles to fill up remaining spaces, and making it live for anyone else to watch and comment!Tech Show and Tell2012-10-20 22:00:0041  
Billy Wilson1,547,101Wow, the 28th episode of my weekly show, thank you guys for being so supportive of my weekly on air G+ variety show @108595299975404341987. The show brings together some of the most interesting people you can find on G+ for a hangout! This week I'll have joining me Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Geek @107234826207633309420; Creator of the Uglydoll Brand @101041881026971694523; @107375322906605680039 of LearningNerd.com; Linux System Admin @114228869493885222559; Engineer @112353210404102902472; and Special Musical Guest @106481981826916607971 ! You can talk with us and other people watching the show by commenting on this event once the show is live! The episode will be live on this event and the recording will be available immediately afterwards. You can watch previous episodes here: http://goo.gl/ceHtHTSBW #28: Technology, Learning, Toys, Live Music and More! (On Air Hangout)2012-10-13 04:00:0070  
Ellie Goulding716,460On the 8th of October, Ellie is signing her new album Halcyon live in a Google+ Hangout. Want a chance to Hangout and get your digital signed cover? 1. RSVP to the event 2. Add Ellie to your circles 3. Fill in this form http://goo.gl/Qh0rH If you're picked then we'll be in touch. PS. Make sure you have the Hangout plugin installed - find out how here http://goo.gl/KqxVKEllie Goulding - Digital Album Signing2012-10-08 21:00:001258  
Arnold Schwarzenegger126,444Come hangout with Arnold to discuss his new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. www.schwarzenegger.com/totalrecallHangout with Arnold2012-10-05 23:30:001512  
Virtual Photo Walks™5,180,253@106837773805813749834 touring Battleship Park with @107314062844493439902 Hangout on Air (HOA) if you know a Veteran who served on the ship and wants an invite let us know. Delay 30 min traffic Virtual Photo Walks aboard the USS Alabama2012-10-01 13:30:0045  
Daria Musk3,764,631CAMPFIRE CONCERT ♨ SAT SEPT 22ND Let's sing farewell to summer and welcome fall together, around the campfire, around the world! KUMBAYA, BABY! We're taking the newest way of sharing back to it's oldest roots. Singing, stories, human connection, and s'mores. Ok maybe they didn't always have s'mores. ;)  Some great friends like @112471890387110967375 @115121555137256496805 @103765013042311928518 @103038287804535196503 @107158210554763556081 @112005390393978914665 and more are coming to share their own campfire-style songs, stories and games. We'll marathon, sing-a-long and rotate seats 'til the sun goes down. So grab some hot cocoa, flashlights, sleeping bags and come hang! _Comment below to let me know if you want a special early-invite or if you'd like to share something! We could use some good 'ol harmonica to set the mood!_  *XO, Daria*Campfire (Hangout) Concert!2012-09-22 22:00:00547  
matthew rappaport222,448EPIC ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY HANGOUTATHON MARATHON EPISODE of @109896564322349178634 w/@111048918866742956374  is   Wednesday, September 12 @8:15 pm est/5:15pm pst with 1st Guest @110748045588517484202 *SPECIAL Wednesday Show into Thursday - Almost 24 hours of SHOW!* The Summer of the #PLUSVersary Celebration Continues! Celebrating ONE FULL YEAR of @109896564322349178634 & @112513007869568099033  ! ! I'm ready to Rock Out with @110748045588517484202 to Kick off this GALA @115626641875816620951 Occasion as @101560853443212199687's 1st LIVE HANGOUT SHOW celebrates an entire year of Episodes!!! Former Guests & Participants, Surprises & More! Clean off your Sunday Best for an Entire Evening of FUN+ Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #plusversary #googleplusbirthday   Coming to you Direct from New York City! Of course you can only see it LIVE DIRECT from Google+ On Air Hangout! #HangoutsOnAir  Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport ANNIVERSARY Hangoutathon Event - 1st Guest: Suite7092012-09-13 02:15:00108  
Trey Ratcliff8,672,727Interested in learning more about the New video how-to series at http://www.stuckincustoms.com/art-of-photography/ ?  The upcoming show will be an extended preview and Q&A period.  Do you have any *beginner or intermediate photo questions?*  Let me know!  I'm collecting them here and over on the blog.  We'll have fun guests and the subject matter should be very helpful! Also, find out how to *win TWO free cameras* - your choice of a Sony NEX-7, Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D for you and a friend... thanks to our mates over at Adorama. There's many other great prizes too from our sponsors at SmugMug, Photomatix, Adorama, F-Stop, Lytro, Nik, and OnOne :)  Beginning and Intermedia Photo Q&A - Watch the Live Public Hangout!2012-07-10 04:00:00213  

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