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Fractal Zoom Twisting Curving Hallway

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Because you just gotta repost cool stuff don''t ya - I wish I knew the artist or who to credit

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Beating Heart

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Wish my heart beats gif like :p

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Fractal Time Zoom

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time is fractal ?

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How to Build a Human

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How to build a human

I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 with this wonderful infographic that points out the human life and, for extension, the life in general.

This... more »

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How a Muscle Works

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An animated guide to the human body : The muscle edition

From Eleanor Lutz

Eleanor Lutz is a designer in Seattle and she has a Bachelor''s in molecular biology from the... more »

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Beauchamp Tower's Spherical Steam Engine

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Mr. Tower''s spherical steam engine

In the 1800s there was an intense exploration of different designs for steam engines.  One of the most unusual is this spherical steam engine designed... more »

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How Wire Hangers Are Made

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how wire hangers are made

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Paperclip Making Machine

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Paperclip machine

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Automatic Apple Peeling Machine

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Automated apple peeler. Also home edition.

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Infinite zoom in furniture store with alternate levels time-reversed

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eternity or vicious cycle? :)

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Stirling Engine - 2 gifs: A working model, and animated diagram

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Stirling Engine
Originally conceived in 1816, a Stirling engine is a heat engine operating by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature... more »

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Fractal Cauliflower Zoom

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Cauliflower z o o m . . .

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Revolving Circles that seem to be going the other way when you're not looking at them

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The one you''re not looking at turns clockwise

Look at either the red dot or the yellow dot.  The circles near that dot will turn counterclockwise.  The others turn clockwise!
more »

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Animated False Color Illusion

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Yin Yang Yong - Triple interlocking Yin Yang animation

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Yin Yang Yong!

Building on the 3-D animated Yin Yang, (found here: imgur.com/gallery/YLeci), I googled barracuda415 and found this triple version, which one clever comment calls "Yin... more »

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Yin Yang - Intersecting 3D animation

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Does anybody know the source?
Kennt jemand die Quelle?

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Simpsons Infinite Zoom Out

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Funny Simpsons Intro

After some impegnative post about Science, let us smile a bit togheter with The Simpsons!;)

#simpsons #gif #fun  

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How Pop Tarts are made - Animation

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You know those Pop-Tarts you love? Here''s how they''re made. 

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MacRecycling - How It's Made - A humorous look at an automated cheeseburger-making machine

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Everything is recycled

Humorous .gif with a point - everything gets recycled for the most part.  What is left out is that the waste from the restroom goes to a sewage treatment center, the... more »

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Rotating Sierpinski Cube

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Rotating Sierpinski cube

This animation is the Cube#347 from the Project "DAILYCUBE" by German artist Benjamin Zimmermann.

►Gif source >>h... more »

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Animated Fractal Zoom Spiral Dots

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Spirals / Circles by David Whyte

Super :)

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Tshirt Zoom

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Nice T-Shirt

    #Humor    #Animatedmore »

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Two of the cylinders in a 4-stroke V-6 or V-8 internal combustion engine

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A V engine, or Vee engine is a commonconfiguration for an internal combustion engine. The cylinders and pistons are aligned, in two separate planes or ''banks'', so that they appear to be ina "... more »

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Animated Bear On Stairs - Stop Motion in which each frame was 3D Printed

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Bears on Stairs: A Stop Motion-Animation Created from 3D-Printed Frames!

The creative folks at DBLG recently finished up an in-house project that sees an animated bear walking up a never... more »

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Animated geared soccer ball (Goldberg Polyhedron)

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The perfect world...

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Golden Ratio, Phi, Expressed as Continued Fraction Phi = 1+1/Phi

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Continued Fractions, h/t +Ian Mwaura

This animation by Lucas Vieira Barbosa (1ucasvb.tumblr.com) illustrates the continued fraction representation of the golden ratio, φ (denoted by the... more »

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Star Wars Imperial Storm Troopers Dancing

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Happy Star Wars Day!

It''s been a while since I''ve pushed notifications to my Sci-Fi Lovers circle. There''s nothing on currently that I am watching, so I could use some... more »

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Perspective Illusion - a real car appears to be a toy

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Infinite Zoom Out Laptop Mouse Pointer Punches Face

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LOL - I feel like I''ve seen this before :-) 

#funny #gif  https://plus.google.com/101694689416696154032/posts/CZqj68Tbn9w

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Small Stellated Dodecahedron - Animated

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The small stellated dodecahedron

What if you look for shapes that are as symmetrical as Platonic solids, but where all the faces are stars?   Then you''ll find this.

If youl... more »

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Infinite Zoom on a Bridge

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Musings of illusion...

"Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to... more »

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How Ants Walk, Animated, Showing Three Legs On The Ground At All Times

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This is how ants walk.

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Animated Construction of a "Near Heptagon" (7-gon)

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Approximated Heptagon Inscribed in a Circle

During this time at school, I''m doing with my first- year students (11 years old)  the construction of regular polygons. Among those, the... more »

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Animated rotating pizza zooming out infinite fractal

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Fractal Pizza :D

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Wheels within wheels, hypocycloids and epicycloids within each other, by Gerard Westendorp via John Baez and Malin Christersson

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Rolling on the outside
(follow up from the posts goo.gl/iYYd6b and goo.gl/Z7eJL7)

If you can roll epicycloids/hypocycloids inside each other, then you can also roll them on the... more »

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Cutting 8 by 8 square to make 5 by 13 rectangle - Fibonacci Numbers, Farey Sequence

Open at Google+

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Wheels within wheels, epicycloids within epicycloids, by Gerard Westendorp via John Baez

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Wheels within wheels

See that small heart-shaped curve?  It''s a cardioid.  You get it when you roll a circle on a circle that''s the same size, and track the motion of a point on ther... more »

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Spirograph Flower Epicycloid with 50 or so petals

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Van Gogh's Starry Night comes to live - motion illusion

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Gear pump volumentric machine used for hydraulic fluids

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saw this on Imgur, no info about it or what it does, but it''s pretty cool machine

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Animated human hand fingers drumming

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Spirograph Flower Epicycloid with 10 wide petals

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Spirograph Flower.
Join the Simple Science and Interesting Things Community and share interesting stuff!

Flower with2... more »

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Animated Farey-Ford tessellation of unit circle disc hyperbolic triangles geometry

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The Farey-Ford tessellation

This animation by Francis Bonahon shows the Farey-Ford tessellation of the unit disc. It can be constructed using basic properties of fractions.

Each... more »

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Animated Simple Electric Motor

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Animated Cardan Gear Demonstration

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The Cardan Gear

The arm of this ingenious mechanism traces out an exact straight line as the gears go through their circular motion.

The small gears must be half the size of the... more »

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Animated 4 stroke gasoline motor

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How a four-stage gasoline engine works ... "Blue is a gas-air mixture, red is an exploding gas-air mixture, and black is exhaust... "

via http://www.businessinsider.com/

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Jiggling Breasts

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Circles of radius 1 and 3 roll together along a straight line, tracing out a fixed cycloid along with rotating cardioids and deltoids

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Cardioid, Deltoid and Cycloid.
Circles of radius 1 and 3 roll together along a straight line, tracing out a fixed cycloid along with rotating cardioids and deltoids.

Gif by Greg... more »

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Rotating Cube illustrates Multistable Perceptual Phenomena

Open at Google+

Which Rotation do you see first? Can you make it change direction?
Join the Simple Science and Interesting Things Community and share interesting stuff!... more »

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Animated rotating coffee cup zooming in infinite fractal

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#Augusto Martinez

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Construction of Equilateral Triangle (Compass and Straightedge)

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Animation of baby growing inside its mother

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How humans grow other humans! Source: http://bit.ly/1jr6Fyn

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Infinitely expanding ruler, zooming in

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It''s inspired by trying to visualize the rational numbers. In some sense, the rational numbers have gaps in them. That means that while this image has an interesting structure, there are distinct,... more »

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Semi-automatic rubber band gun

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Rubber band shooting gun. #childhood  

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Extreme Slow Motion Match Burning

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Match Burning

Video: Match and flame in Extreme Close Up UltraSlo slow motion
Here is another video: Match burning in UltraSlo shot @ 5500 FPS

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How a dog drinks water

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Today I learned how dogs really drink water

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Logarithmic Spiral Property called Pitch - center traces straight line

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The Logarithmic Spiral
An interesting property of the logarithmic spiral is revealed if you roll it along a horizontal line. This animation shows the curves traced by points on the spiral, and... more »

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Animated fractal Kid coming out of his own mouth

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Never ending kid...........

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Animated Vortex Spinning Disk Inner Dots Revolve More Frequently

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This one goes to my math teacher who claimed the outermost part of a disk spins at a higher speed than the central area.

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Animated Demonstration of Spherical Helix

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Animated Rube Goldberg Machine Three goblets

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Animated Super Slow Motion Jello Bouncing

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Jello bouncing in slow motion..


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Animated Demonstration of Folding Table

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Folding table..
Very useful..

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How to fold a shirt in 1 second (parody)

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How to fold a shirt in ONE second

Actually this is the Beta version. LOL

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Pencil sharpening machine

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Pencil Sharpening Machine
Amazon - Hot New Releases:
Updated Hourly ► amzn.to/1gBgtSP

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CV (Constant Velocity) Joint Animated How It Works

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CV Joint

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Animated demonstration of rotating folding table with two sizes

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Amazing dinner table..
A real circle :3


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Animated Heart function

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A Heart; a Baboon; and a Smiley Face: Science is indeed for Happy Passionate Simians.

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the vertices and edges of a 5-dimensional hypercube, also known as a penteract

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5-dimensional hypercube

This picture illustrates the vertices and edges of a 5-dimensional hypercube, also known as a penteract. It has 32 vertices, 80 edges, 80 two-dimensional faces, 40... more »

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How an oscillating fan works

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How an oscillating fan works

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Animated How It Works - Ice Cream Sandwich Machine

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How Ice Cream Sandwiches are Made
Hot New Releases: Updated Hourly > amzn.to/1gBgtSP

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Fractal Road Unwinding Before You

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@. @ ;;;

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Twerking Turkey

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I''ll just leave this right here.

Have a nice day.

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How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

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How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

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rhombic triacontahedron - convex polyhedron with 30 rhombic faces, 60 edges, and 32 vertices of two types.

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Rhombic triacontahedron

In geometry, the rhombic triacontahedron is a convex polyhedron with 30 rhombic faces. It has 60 edges and 32 vertices of two types.

It is a Catalan solid... more »

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Animated Lego Geometric Machine - Is it a Circle?

Open at Google+

How is your memory? Remember which yellow bar represents Cosine and which one is Sine?
This would have saved me a lot of time decades ago

Join the Simple Science and Interesting Things... more »

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Animated Demonstration of using Radians to measure angles

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Would it have killed my Math Teacher to have this Animation Ready when teaching about Radians?
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Inverted Face Illusion makes head appear to turn and follow you

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Very Interesting Optical Illusion..These dinosaurs'' heads moved by your eyes

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Kaleidocycle - ring of tetrahedra joined at common edges - can be continuously turned through its center

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Take an even number of at least 6 equal regular tetrahedra. Two tetrahedra can be joined together to have one common edge. In this way first build a chain of all tetrahedra... more »

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Holiday Christmas Animated picture of child and dog

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I posted this yesterday but noticed later G+ had automatically run "Auto Awesome" on the gif. I think the results are pretty amazing...

#googleplus #autoawesome 

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Animated Black and White Motion Illusion

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20 Crazy Moving Optical Illusions ► goo.gl/XQdXmL

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Sulfur hexaflouride is much denser than air

Open at Google+

Sulphur hexaflouride is much denser than air

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Animated Rotating Torus

Open at Google+

Doughnut-Creation through Circles: Homer Simpson Approves.
In geometry, a torus (pl. tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis... more »

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How crosswalk signals really work

Open at Google+

How crosswalk signals really work...
#jokes   #gaming   #humor  

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Face Illusion. Mind tricks. Keep your eyes on the cross

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Mind tricks. Keep your eyes on the cross.

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Animated How it Works - Popcorn popping in super slow motion

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This is popcorn popping...
#popcorn   #microwave   #followme  

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Animated Circle and Spoke Clock

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Hypnotic clock =)

Bees & Bombs creation

+CircleCount how many circles are  spinning?  =)

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Creepy Animated Circle of Hands

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Hypotrochoid - Roulette - Animated Demonstration

Open at Google+

Hypotrochoid. Wikipedia: goo.gl/meGubR

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Japanese Underground Bicycle Parking System

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Japanese Bicycle Park
video> Underground Bicycle Parking Systems in Japan

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Animation created in Mathematica by multiple tangent circles multi-cycloid

Open at Google+

#CirclesCounted: 6

The animation below is generated with these 24 rows of Mathematica code: http://pastebin.com/TNmbLzsS
Matt Henderson has a great blog with more stuff like that! If... more »

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How it works Mother Dolphin in Labor Baby water birth

Open at Google+

Mother Dolphin in Labor . 

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How it works filling a tire with a lighter animated

Open at Google+

How to Fill a Tire With a Lighter
#likeaboss   #gif  

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Sexy Australian Track Hurdleress Michelle Jenneke warms up for a race

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Michelle Jenneke warms up for a race.

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Animated Fractal

Open at Google+

Join us this month for a #fractal  frenzy on #Tumblr . Invented by Benoît Mandelbrot, IBM Fellow, they remain the blueprint for countless tech innovations. Check out the "Fractalizer"a... more »

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Girl holding picture of herself in spiral frame, zooming out

Open at Google+

I''m posting this as "my gif" because, well, +Jason Malan posted this still picture of a girl holding a picture of herself in a weird spiral picture frame...more »

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How a chain making machine works

Open at Google+

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Tiny Electric Motor using Magnets

Open at Google+

tiny electric motor

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How the Heart Works - Cardiac Cycle Animation

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What is cardiac cycle?

The cardiac cycle is the sequence of events that occurs when the heart beats.
There are two phases of the cardiac cycle. In the diastole phase, the heart... more »

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How a lock and key works animation

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How a lock works.

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How a Pasta Maker works, animated

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This is how they make pasta

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How a sewing machine works

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How a sewing machine works.this has had me baffled for the best part of my life.

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Ball rolling on impossible triangle

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Penrose Triangle And Möbius Strip Shown Cousins

A question to help really enter the picture:) Imagine there are many balls rolling in sync instead of just one. What would be their... more »

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Mechanical Hand, Fingers drumming

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Mechanical hand

via: imgur.com

We have better solutions these days :)

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How a manual standard transmission works stick shift

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From reddit, How A Manual Transmission Works

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Mechanical Hand

Open at Google+

Large Mechanical Hand



See the video: Large Mechanical Hand

I like :)

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Napier Deltic engine, 2-stroke, 3 crankshafts, 9 or 18 cylinders

Open at Google+

ENGINEERING • What kind of engine is it ? • Answer ► goo.gl/6nIDD

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Infinite zoom briefcase

Open at Google+

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