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Kindle Ebooks Daily Sharing1,832@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@CELEBRATING WORLD BOOK DAY 2014 CIRCLE 4@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@IF YOU RECEIVED A NOTIFICATION THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE INCLUDED.Hi!This is Ian Collins (see my signature).Because I am a passionate reader and authorI decided to celebrate the World Book Day 2014with you.Therefore I created a few shared circlesof authors, bloggers, publishers, indie authors and more...Everything to celebrate  World Book Day:DTHIS IS A CIRCLE NO 4As you probably know World Book Day is organized by UNESCOevery year to offer a literal feast for passionate book lovers across the world.The official date set for celebrations:2014 is April 24on which authors, readers, critics,publishers and editors celebrate together in many ways.I am sure you will be more than happy if you celebrate with me.How to celebrate?On Arpil 23/24 I will share circles ofbest G+ engagers who are active on G+.What does it mean?Simply: TAKE ACTION NOW TO BE INCLUDED ANDFOLLOWED ON G+.How to do that?Follow these simple steps:1. Add me to your circles.2. Share the circle from original post (it helps me to keep an eye on what's going on).https://plus.google.com/117311744918178042957/posts/4seWVjikbeA3. Plus and/or comment. This is an important step.4. Add the circle to your circles and ENJOY THE FOLLOW UP.Adding and sharing the circle will HELP YOU to get more followers!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Ian CollinsLet's stay in touch:)I have something for you here:http://bit.ly/1svXiABwww.YourLawOfAttraction.comwww.KeyToMindPower.com@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@2014-04-16 17:43:084441012CC G+
Jennifer MommyLifeAfterPh.D.0Here's a circle to add if you need to boost your #mombloggers  circles!  Make sure you add +Jennifer MommyLifeAfterPh.D., +1 this and comment on this post and if you're a mom blogger I'll add you to the circle as well! #circleshare  2014-03-31 03:39:06211011CC G+
ibrahim aslan02014-02-25 12:24:46501001CC G+
Canada Buy South Real Estate Network0Great Circle of Active  #RealEstate  Professionals!Share on:1)  Add +Canada Buy South Real Estate Network to your circles to get added to this growing Real Estate #circleshare  2)  Share the circle3)  Stay active and engage on G+! #realestateagent   #realestateinvesting   #realestatenews   #mortgage   #mortgagerates   #mortgagebroker   #mortgagenews   #circle   #circlesharing   #circleshared   #circleshareoftheday  2014-01-28 01:05:46501243CC G+
Jimmy James6,807Music#circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #sharedpubliccircles #growfollowers #circleshare #publicsharedcircles #circleoftheweek #circlesharing #publiccircle #findcircles #circlemeup #hyperballmaster #hyperballcircle2014-01-08 17:59:521340215CC G+
Giulia Fiore0The most active People I know on G+A wonderful #sharedcircle  to become more popular than ever.To belong to this Circle, share it and comment this post !Kisses Giulia2013-09-05 05:59:42501223CC G+
Technology Roundup0BMN Tech Journalist And Blogger List #1.The ones with last names that start from A-M. These are people who are thought leaders, reporters, journalists, bloggers in the tech industry.As with all our circles we try to remove people who aren't active (if you see any here, please let us know. And, if you know of folks who should be on these circles, please let us know,We willl add them.2013-06-21 03:33:49338135CC G+
Technology Roundup0BMN's Tech Journalist And  Blogger List. IWe Have hand picked the best tech journalists on Google+. Most of these people are active. If you find anyone here who isn't active, let me know and I'll remove them.This feed will rock and roll for the hard core geeks out there.2013-06-21 01:34:13494123CC G+
Mark Proctor0Media Chimps Digital Marketing Circle2013-04-12 23:41:1988201CC G+
Jesse Moreno411My first circle share.  I'm mainly doing this for +Deb J Canales who I can see is becoming more active on +Google+ .  Good on ya, friend!This is a circle of people and groups who share my passion for all things technology.  If you're not in it and feel you should be, go ahead and comment here and I will gladly add you.Happy interacting!2013-02-03 07:47:52472628CC G+
Euro Maestro35,240The Who's Who for Google Plus - The top 500 Gplussers in the World in 2012. #socialnetworking #klout   #kred    #googleplus   #topcircles   #top500   #euromaestro  Back in April I created a list of the top 500 Gplussers as compiled by +CircleCount.  The methodology is explained in the original post.https://plus.google.com/u/0/107040353898400532534/posts/JtmZFHiJf2xA minor update was offered in October.https://plus.google.com/u/0/107040353898400532534/posts/eeHNhQAZX6wThis update is the list of the people with the most followers (in this case greater than 35 k, with high interaction (Klout score > 60), and engaging (based on comments per post).I may be incorporating Kred next year as there have been some issues with +Klout Please note the circle does not include everyone in the list.At the bottom of the first list, you will find a second list of all the Google plus users with greater than 35k followers who did not have a Klout score for ranking.This is only a first draft, people. Please don't be upset if you were left out or if there are mistakes. It takes a lot of work to compile this and I will publish a new list and circle with corrections.Also please note that precise rankings are meaningless due to the standard error of measurement involved in Klout scores. Many thanks to +CircleCount for making this job considerably easier.I also want to thank +Amanda Blain for all her suggestions over the various months on how to improve this list.As always, I welcome your suggestions and corrections.Please let me know of any corrections for the final list to be published before the end of the year.If I missed you, please let me know. Upcoming circle – please let me know if you want to be included.Active on Google plus and Twitter – provide your twitter id   Social Media MadnessThere are other social networks out there besides Google plus.  While Google Plus is certainly my favourite, there are uses for the other ones.Include your twitter id in the comments to be included in a future circle of twitter users on Google plus.Tweet me @euromaestro to be included on a twitter list of Google plus users. Follow me on :twitter :  https://twitter.com/euromaestrofacebook : http://www.facebook.com/euro.maestro2012-12-16 23:54:20209641136CC G+
Ivonne García0This is my Geeks CirclePeople who share great content that only matters to us, technology geeks and people interested in the latest advances. :D Enjoy! #sharedcircle   #circles   #tech   #technology   #geeks   #geekcircle   #sharedcircleoftheday  2012-12-01 17:28:23332315CC G+
Jessica Northey142,743SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!can't wait and looking forward to speaking at +New Media Expo!!! :) thanks for doing this +Amanda Blain will be awe and then some!!#NMX #nmx   #technology #blogging #podcasting #video #lasvegas   #sharedcircles  2012-12-01 00:26:01857131CC G+
Amanda Blain2,310,948*I am Speaking at NMX about Google Plus - Won't You Join Me?*I am very excited to share with everyone that I will be speaking January 6th at New Media Expo In Las Vegas about GooglePlus and Authorship. In fact, LOTS of names your recognize from The Winkelvoss Facebook Twins, +Leo Laporte  +Casey McKinnon to +Guy Kawasaki will be speaking there with me - as well as all the lovely people in this attached circle.  If you are a blogger, podcast, video specialist - I highly recommend you make way to Vegas with me in the New Year and I would LOVE to HIRL and meet up.Click the link to get all the fabulous details of this 3 day conference.. Oh.. and use CODE - BLAIN20 to get a nice 20% off discount on your conference passes. :)-----> http://bit.ly/Ty7g0a <--------Even if you are not going to NMX this time around... This circle is worthy of an add as it is full of fabulous speakers about Blogging,  Social Media and Community building. #nmx   #technology #blogging #podcasting #video #lasvegas   #sharedcircles  2012-11-30 23:34:1385637122CC G+
Joe Martinez33,985Best of the Best on Google+ -- November 2012 Version!The Holidays are almost here and with it comes a new circle share! My circle is bursting by the seams! These are some of my favorite people to follow on Google+ and are always engaging and posting interesting stuff! Perfect circle to add if you are new or are looking to expand your circles! You've got awesome people like +Hanna Silver, +Em Wells, +Tiffany Henry, +Euro Maestro, +Trev Warth, +Cynthia Yildirim, +Thomas Morffew, +Monika Ljubičić, +James Williams, +Cliff Roth, +Derek Ross, +Aaron Wood, +Mohamed Mansour, +Stephanie Van Pelt, +Natalie Villalobos, +Alida Brandenburg, +Philip Plait, +Daria Musk, +2012-11-08 03:00:32501441543CC G+
Euro Maestro30,016The Who's Who for Google Plus - The top 500 Gplussers in the World – Update #socialnetworking   #googleplus   #topcircles   #top500   #euromaestro  Plus one if you'd like to see more circles like this.Back in April I created a list of the top 500 Gplussers as compiled by +CircleCount.  The methodology is explained in the original post.https://plus.google.com/u/0/107040353898400532534/posts/JtmZFHiJf2xThis update is list of the people with the most followers (in this case greater than 20 k), with high interaction (Klout score > 60), and who post on Google Plus regularly. The circle is a minor update that focuses better on those that post regularly.  A totally revised major update will be released before the end of the year. For the complete list of the top 500 (actually closer to 1 000) see the original post. If I missed you, please let me know. Upcoming circles – please let me know if you want to be included.   * Highly interactive with fewer than 35 k followers – provide twitter id (if you have one)   *  Active on Google plus and Twitter – provide your twitter id   Here are some of the posts that I’ve read recently of the some people in this circle. Add this circle to supercharge your stream !Here's a list of some of the posts I've read recently.The posts are not necessarily the best posts or even the most representative of the people highlighted, but simply posts that I've read that I wanted to highlight. +A.V. Flox Love and Sex editor at blogherhttps://plus.google.com/112254467169147545881/posts/2DpwTwzJpG9Aaron WoodDesign and morehttps://plus.google.com/114468593663912084118/posts/WFZUNkzJ9bKAJ KohnSEO and then somehttps://plus.google.com/115106448444522478339/posts/SiQKjjy17brAlan ShapiroPhotographerI was touched by this post, maybe you will be toohttps://plus.google.com/114056084994793924628/posts/CWQejfPQ1mQAlexis OhanianMy hero and Internet freedom supporter https://plus.google.com/113164038788726940319/posts/9Ejj7Ny8rJF+Amanda Blain Curator of interests and moreHas personally given me such great advice on so many topics 2012-10-31 21:01:10182781945CC G+
Meilani MacDonald6,228Public Speakers and ToastmastersRecently, +Kate Manser  shared her circle of Public Speakers.  I added my small circle of Toastmasters, and promised to share the results, and here they are!If anyone would like to have the Toastmasters separated out, send me a request and I'll be happy to share my TM circle.  It only has 12 people in it I think.  Anyone who is in this public speaking circle, if you are also a Toastmaster and would like to be included in my Toastmaster circle, please leave a comment below. I would like to grow the Toastmasters circle, connect with more of you and perhaps integrate Hangouts into our toastmaster activities.  For example, if you need a couple more speeches to get that coveted designation, and would like to try a different venue, how about doing it via a Hangout!  Or if you want to practice a speech and get feedback from other Toastmasters we can hold a speech giving and evaluating hangout.  Sounds like fun doesn't it!2012-09-24 22:20:50169604CC G+
Trever McGhee12,222+Take2seconds  to click the share button...the add buttonI did, this is an amazing circle of Public Speakers that +Kate Manser  created.I love her idea finding all the Public Speakers here on Google and putting them in one circle for people to easily find and connect to. Through out your life you're going to be attracted to one or more Public Speakers that will not only inspire you but give you the drive an energy to achieve your goals faster than you thought was possible.If you know of anyone not in the circle or if you're interested in becoming one please leave a comment because everyone is a Public Speaker when you come from the heart...with passion of what you're talking about and you don't have to stand on a stage to do it. It can be done from anywhere and why not here on Google+ so tag your post, video, picture with the hashtag #PublicSpeaking    as suggested by +Kate Manser . I fully support her mission to get everyone who has a Public Speaking tip to share it freely with the hashtag #PublicSpeaking  so that everyone benefits from it.Including me, I never do the same talk twice....for I'm constantly growing and learning new ways to motivate people, to connect on a one on one bases even in a room full of 5000 people, to pass these tools on to new & old leaders. The needs / the energy of every single person is unique in their own way that changes with every situation through out their life..compounded by the environment they live in... that is also forever changing and growing in different directions.It's that unique energy of each person that's so incredible...it becomes phenomenal when their given an environment to connect with others..Check out these Public Speakers and let me know which ones inspire you.+Adrian Segar +Al Navas  +Alan Stevens  +Alasdair Allan +Alexis Ohanian  +Andrew Horton  +Andy Smith  2012-09-22 14:09:50159114CC G+
Peg Fitzpatrick4,432I made my #Top99  circle when it was trending but, alas, circles stopped loading for me. But here is my fantastic, #Top99  relevant Google+ circle plus me!Please circle, share and enjoy!2012-07-26 16:22:2899805CC G+
David Stroz1,083Today I share with you another group of awesome people I follow here on Google+!  There is no real theme for this circle but you should all add them and share this with your friends :)2012-07-23 17:26:444971108CC G+
Harshit Gupta0Hey all, try this long ago +Robert Scoble shared circle of techies....it's what can get you started here on g+2012-07-11 14:48:57243112CC G+
Kyle Beck0So, I know a lot of my friends who have joined +Google+ wonder "What's the point? I have a Facebook." Well that comparison was flawed from the beginning, although many people made it while trying to describe G+. There are similarities, but one of my favorite features in G+ has been the ability to share Circles with others. In fact I'm not sure I would see the point if I hadn't been shared this very circle by +Robert Scoble (IIRC) early on in my G+ membership. It has proven an invaluable source of up-to-the-minute Tech News over the past year and really showed me how G+ is very different from FB.See, when you visit FB the information you receive is solely from your family and real-life acquaintances. This can be great for keeping up with people you don't see regularly, etc., but it is very hard to reach out to new people who share your interests through FB. Not so on G+. You can create and share groups of friends and pages (Circles) to organize your social interests. In effect, this creates dynamic communities where you can choose who you interact with.Anyways, I hope you will consider adding this Circle, packed full of Tech Enthusiasts. If you don't really use G+ or wonder what the point is, that goes double for you!2012-06-30 00:28:364881003CC G+
Karl Hughes7,360Geeks, Designers, and Interesting PeopleThis is my most watched circle, so I figured I would share.  These people tend to post the stuff that I read and respond to most often, so if you like technology, you should add them.Enjoy!2012-06-13 14:22:22446124CC G+
Alicja Spaulding0#CircleShare TimeFor the past week, I've been putting together a fairly comprehensive #Marketing Circle. The individuals in this circle are either marketing professionals and/or share relevant interesting marketing related content. Feel free to inform me of other great individuals I should add as I will continue to grow and update this circle.2012-06-11 16:38:26741879CC G+
Alister Macintyre7,115Some people appear to be well informed on many topics, and like to share what they have figured out.  Here is a circle of prolific writers about tech topics.  You might want to put some of them in separate circles, to avoid being washed away in combination streams into a roaring torrent of information.2012-06-09 23:29:01244010CC G+
Euro Maestro20,504The Who's Who for Google+ - The top 500 Gplussers in the World - UpdatedHere’s the updated and corrected Euro Maestro 500 list for April For an explanation of how the list was put together, see the original post.https://plus.google.com/107040353898400532534/posts/JtmZFHiJf2xYou can find the complete list on circlecount.com, one of my favorite sites.What’s new :1. Klout scores are updated and reflect the score as of Friday 27 April2. A few people were accidentally left out of the first circle including +Liz ℚuilty +Michael Q Todd +Pam Adger and +Aaron Wood – apologies to all3. Expanded list4. Change from previous score (12 April)I will update this list weekly and publish it once a month. This is the list for April and any other changes I will incorporate in the list for May. Your suggestions as always are most welcome. If you want the weekly list, just let me know. Many thanks to +Amanda Blain for pointing out some corrections. The circle includes everyone with a Klout score higher than 75 plus selected other users from this list that offer great content or honest intelligent discussion to bring it up to a round 200. Excluded from the circle are those that have not posted recently on Google+. I have left room in the circle for the people that may have been missed in this second draft. At the bottom, you will find those who have more than 50 000 followers and an unknown klout score. Many thanks to +CircleCount and +Klout for all the assistance and a great service. ======================================================The Top 500 by Klout score 1 Lady Gaga 94 2 Kim Kardashian 91 13 Selena Gomez 90 4 Pete Cashmore 89 -14 Demi Lovato 89 7 Snoop Dogg 88 67 Cristiano Ronaldo 88 29 Trey Ratcliff 87 -110 Guy Kawasaki 86 110 Mark Hoppus 86 1010 Nicholas Kristof 86 13 Thomas Hawk 85 13 Ivete Sangalo 85 15 LeBron James 84 -215 François Hollande 84 317 deadmau5 83 -117 Chris Pirillo 83 17 David GUETTA 83 17 Mike Elgan 83 21 Felicia Day 82 -121 Tom Anderson 82 221 Paris Hilton 82 21 Victoria Justice 82 -121 Robert Scoble 82 -121 50 Cent 82 121 Chris Hardwick 82 121 Greyson Chance 82 221 Joe Penna 82 -430 Britney Spears 81 30 Dalai Lama 81 130 Soulja Boy 81 30 Amanda Blain 81 130 Deepak Chopra 81 130 Michael Q Todd 81 new32012-04-28 15:54:02200451038CC G+
Scott Ayres6,421Saw +Robert Scoble share this circle earlier. Full of bloggers, tech oriented people and etc. All are great Gplusers and will add a ton of value to your stream.2012-04-11 20:35:35500011CC G+
Robert Scoble1,146,151Here are 500 of my favorite Tech Journalists, bloggers, and pundits. I'm sharing this since I am seeing lots of new people coming over and I'm sure they are looking for some great people to circle here. Unfortunately I can't share everyone that I have in this circle (I have 575 in this circle on my screen, but Google+ only lets me share 500 with you). Lots of interesting tech bloggers and journalists here. Hope you enjoy. This is the circle that starts my morning every day.Speaking of Tech News, I'm off to +VMware. They are announcing new Cloud Foundry stuff this morning. So, you'll probably see some tech news from the folks in this circle.2012-04-11 16:01:035005737106CC G+
Robert Scoble700,661Yes, it's a ghost town of TECH INDUSTRY JOURNALISTS AND BLOGGERS. Pay no attention to anyone from the Wall Street Journal who snuck onto this circle. Yes, this is 500 people, but they are almost all active.2012-02-28 03:05:115005538103CC G+
Ralph de Pagter2,948Hi G+ Community! I just want to share 500 of my 5000 ones which I have in my RalphArtPhotoCircle.2012-02-23 19:12:16501316CC G+
matthew rappaport35,126Shared Circles Series "Algorithms": Relevance & Suggestions(Check out other #sharedcircles in this post:https://plus.google.com/111048918866742956374/posts/3vN6CV7cYdw)With the new #googleplusupdates .. there is a way to get Suggestions in yourCircle Tab.There are SUGGESTIONS sitting back there without using the additional option of including a Person or +Google+ Your Business Page.... Top & Other (Suggestions) How did this list formulate? And does this relate to relevance (which my previous #sharedcircles were formed using) ?! I added the 47 listed into the Shared Circle sitting in this post.(This SHARED CIRCLE is without typing any person or page in the search field..just what is sitting back there... based on +Google+ Algorithms)Also before sharing this circle & post, I went back into the circle tab .. to find a fresh 92 Plussers sitting in there (Top/Other Suggestions) along with 9 non plussers (just email addresseof people I think..I know) #sharedcircles #googleplussuggestions +Shared Circles on G+ *****If you got CIRCLED beyond belief... you're welcome from one of these #sharedcircles .. We call that CircleRap'd ...if that is too unpleasant than perhaps CircleJACKED works better for you and yours?! And by WE.. I mean +Community RESHARE rs, +Hangouters, +Pluskateers, +H.I.R.L. ers ..all the really +Plustastic People.. I plus from a Land Down UNDER!2012-02-16 20:30:29471119CC G+
Kyle Else0Share this circle or add yourself if you follow Real Estate2012-02-05 07:41:24491010CC G+
Jay Acunzo9,899Shared Circle: Influencers51 people I admire, respect, want to learn from and/or see posting creative/interesting/thought provoking stuff every day.Hope this serves as a place to read cool things and learn. Feel free to explore who's in it and add it if you feel it's relevant. (Note: the industry expertise is primarily tech. Plenty of G+ stuff. Lots of social media and business. A little on the gadget news side.)2012-01-26 14:41:5951013CC G+
Ramon B. Nuez Jr.1,197I just wanted to share my #socialmedia Circle. I hope you find it useful -- I do.2012-01-26 00:09:16129201CC G+
Chris Lang19,558+Michael Q Todd Suggested I share this circle as THE G+ Power Users Circle So Here Tis, The People That Bring Me The News I Need On G+That's the people I follow every day. Some of the IM profiles like +Ryan Lee and +Ryan Deiss are not active publicly. But the are the multi millionaires that dominate my world so there are in the circle.Lot's of just plain good peeps like +John Hardy and +Jannik Lindquist that usually disagree with me but have very good viewpoints on Google and the web.2012-01-16 22:09:3637013510CC G+
Euro Maestro0Looks like this is turning into Circle Thursday. Or Circle Friday if you live on the right side of the ocean.Following +Joe Martinez and +Liz ℚuilty 's lead, I'm sharing a list.This is for those who need a little Apple in their diet.If you have any suggestions, please let me know.+Shared Circles Google Plus +Shared Circles on G+ +Public Circles2011-12-16 03:00:56305402CC G+
Stephanie L Davis19,590Hey Everyone if you are interested in real estate - this circle is for you! cc: +Ross Hair2011-12-08 17:35:12485371120CC G+
Erik Goldhar1,762Brilliant Marketing and Advertising Minds #PublicCircles2011-11-18 00:44:55292200CC G+
The Original Christian Adams3,383It has been awhile since I've shared circles, but since it seems like a lazy Sunday. This is my Interactive Marketers circle of people that always provide value added content. They include +Chris Brogan +Jenn Hallowes +Lewis Howes +Deborah Ng +Forrest W. Kobayashi +Mike Elgan +Jacob Stoops +Christy Bernard +Kate Buck Jr +Rick Bakas +Loren Feldman +Laura Thieme and many more...2011-11-13 16:17:04453301CC G+
Dylan Hunt0INTERNET NEWS MAKERSBloggers, Journalists, people who write and blog about Tech. Includes reporters from major news agencies, top ranked websites, and more. Google Plus's Top Internet News Makers.2011-11-04 01:07:36448414CC G+
Lynette Young61,409Here's the circle I've collected containing anyone I could find attending BlogWorld Expo in LA #BWELAI'm running the Podcast Pavilion on the expo floor Friday/Saturday & will be using the Google+ circle (and Twitter, watch the #bwela tag) to keep everyone in the know at the show! The Pavilion will host:- Podcasting 101 sessions (How do I get started!? How do I integrate podcasting with all my other content?! Help I'm not a techie!)- "IAmA" / "Ask Me Anything" style Q&A with podcasting industry experts- Live Google+ Hangouts from the floor (streamed as well) featuring some of the hottest names in the industry- Meet & Greet with podcastersBe sure to check out the PodCamp LA track sessions as well! Tons of great podcasting & rich digital media production knowledge to be shared!2011-11-02 12:02:5719713419CC G+
Dimitar Tsonev1,419Most followed people on Google+Dimitar Tsonev shared a circle with you.2011-10-31 11:17:07500206CC G+
Andrew Gorospe0500 circled on G+Andrew Gorospe shared a circle with you.2011-10-30 19:14:33500503CC G+
Giuseppe Basile27,107THE TOP 500 MOST FOLLOWED PEOPLE ON GOOGLE+Hey G+,I have had this circle as a standalone one for the past few weeks before any mention of What's Hot. I get my daily dose of fresh, exciting and HOT content from viewing this circle daily.Its a nice mix of tech people, celebs, photographers and just all round funny and exciting peopleData has been pulled straight from www.socialstatistics.comCircle away & don't forget to share...Cheers GiuRipple -> https://plus.google.com/ripples/details?activityid=6FHbuorsWtiGiuseppe Basile shared a circle with you.2011-10-29 06:33:455006126989CC G+
William Stephens0Advertising ProfessionalsWilliam Stephens shared a circle with you.2011-10-28 15:59:25500105CC G+
Mike Merrill1,187I've updated this so thought I would share again. This circle represents all the speakers we've had over the last two years at Social Media Club of DallasMike Merrill shared a circle with you.2011-10-19 13:48:3432200CC G+
Jeffrey Powers11,263OK. Here it is for all of you #BlogWorld & New Media Expo people. The group that will be speaking, staff and more. There are only a handful of people that were not on Google Plus. If you are missing, let me know and I'll add you. If you still need tickets to go to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in LA, you can use the code *BWELA20 - http://bit.ly/BWEgeek* - #BWELAVIRTUAL TICKETS AVAILABLE, TOO! If you cannot make it, get a Virtual Ticket. Watch the sessions from your computer! - http://bit.ly/vBWEgeekI will also be there all weekend interviewing #bloggers and #Podcasters. Let me know if you want to join me!Get ready for BlogWorld LA! November 3rd through the 5th!UPDATE - +Heather Solos needs to be added manually when you add this to your circles. My deepest of apologies to her. Jeffrey Powers shared a circle with you.2011-10-17 17:14:521791044CC G+
Robert Scoble158,666I'm sharing two circles today. This is the first half of my "Tech Journalist and Blogger" circle. The ones with last names that start from A-M. These are people who are thought leaders, reporters, journalists, bloggers in the tech industry. As with all my circles I try to remove people who aren't active (if you see any here, please let me know). And, if you know of folks who should be on these circles, please let me know, I'll add them.Robert Scoble shared a circle with you.2011-10-08 18:10:07341382845CC G+
Robert Scoble152,040This is the best circle for Apple tech news tomorrowThis will be the best circle to watch for info on Apple tomorrow (it's of 250 of the best tech journalists/bloggers/thought leaders on Google+). I will be in front of my three big screens pulling in the best data from around the Web. I'll be watching Twitter, Facebook, Google+ all at the same time. Plus, I'll be live on +Shira Lazar's show starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow with live reports.Anyway, if you want to see how the tech press covers this, follow this circle (make sure you put these in a new circle of your own so you can delete them if they get too noisy for you).I'm watching thousands more, too, and will share anything good.You will be flooded tomorrow with Apple news. If you can't handle this, just unfollow for the morning and everything will calm down pretty quickly after noon.Robert Scoble shared a circle with you.2011-10-03 21:26:3925067127124CC G+
Rotimi Oyewole1,441Updated my Ad/Social Media circle. I took out everybody who hadn't posted since July, so most of these people should be fairly active. Per +Monroe Yohey 's request.Rotimi Oyewole shared a circle with you.2011-10-02 13:03:221482316CC G+


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2014-04-23 16:02:50 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Meet Sabita Malla, Glass Explorer and senior research officer for +World Wildlife Fund Nepal. Celebrate #EarthDay with Sabita as she explores how Glass can help in her mission to protect rhinos. 

Sabita uses custom Field Notes Glassware, software that was developed by a Glass Explorer who wanted to help WWF cut in half the work required to manage field conservation efforts. Sabita’s team is one of five nonprofits exploring how Glass might amplify their impact as part of Giving through Glass, a program we launched a few months ago in partnership with +Google.org: goo.gl/AT9obZ

We’re extending the program for another round starting today. Nonprofits can apply now through May 20 at g.co/givingthroughglass. Five nonprofits will win: Glass, a $25,000 grant, a trip to a Google office and a connection to Glass developers.

And if you’re a Glass developer whowants t... more »

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2014-04-16 15:16:54 (6 comments, 2 reshares, 18 +1s)

Fun new project that +Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and I have launching next week. 


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2014-04-15 14:44:31 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

Absolutely stunning.

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2014-04-15 12:26:00 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 5 +1s)

This sums it up perfectly.

Rough day today here in Boston and Monday will be even more so.

#BostonRemembers   #BostonStrong  

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2014-04-10 19:49:15 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 5 +1s)

I like to think that I've embraced my own heroes journey.

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2014-04-10 16:29:24 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 25 +1s)

PURE genius.

You have to have watched #TrueDetective  to fully appreciate this. 

I can't stop laughing.

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2014-04-10 13:53:55 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Bluesy cover of OneRepublic's song "Counting Stars" by John Oates. Not at all what I was expecting, but I dig it. 

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2014-04-09 18:35:39 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

I proudly backed this film on +Kickstarter and it feels great to see Zach Braff's crazy ideas finally on the screen. Can't wait to see this in theaters. 

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2014-04-09 12:51:28 (2 comments, 3 reshares, 8 +1s)

Boy, did this ever hit home right now. 

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2014-04-07 12:49:38 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 9 +1s)

Too many people believe that by calling themselves a leader that they actually are. It takes a LOT more than that.

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2014-04-07 11:45:21 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Game of Thrones fans will enjoy this. 

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2014-04-04 18:58:28 (4 comments, 1 reshares, 78 +1s)

Haters are always going to hate and when it comes to love and family I have no tolerance for people who can't appreciate that it comes in every color, shape and size.

I rarely eat graham crackers but now want some!

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2014-04-04 18:46:11 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Genius ad from +HootSuite 

Even better if you are a Game of Thrones fan like I am.

2014-04-04 12:49:56 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 10 +1s)

These last couple of weeks have reminded how important it is that you know yourself well enough that when your gut tells you something you can listen.

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2014-04-03 14:11:38 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

This took me a minute to get, but then I couldn't stop laughing.

Sad, but true.

The Modern "Writers" Keyboard

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2014-04-02 14:27:49 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 9 +1s)

A quick announcement that I've resigned from YSN and looking for new opportunities. 

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2014-04-01 16:00:15 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 12 +1s)


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2014-03-28 22:02:53 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 25 +1s)

My daughter is a fan and told me I had to watch this video because she thought I'd appreciate it.

Hate that little wooden block when it shows up. 

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2014-03-27 15:50:17 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 37 +1s)

Loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up.

This....looks like Transformers with Turtles. (that isn't a good thing)

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2014-03-27 14:49:14 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

What a powerful, needed and awesome idea.

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2014-03-27 11:12:03 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 8 +1s)

It's a Copy of a Copy of a Copy.

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2014-03-26 12:00:40 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 19 +1s)

Part commentary. 

Part genius marketing.

All well done.


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2014-03-25 20:13:29 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

Found this the other night while flipping through the new +Medium app and seems I wasn't the only one who missed it the first go around.

A must read for any photographer.


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2014-03-24 13:36:20 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

There is one of those "copy and paste this into your status update" games happening on Facebook right now and while I usually run away from these like the plague, this weekend I decided to play along since it was asking about writers who had influenced me over the years.


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2014-03-24 12:09:08 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Nothing like cleaning your office so that you can then kick back with a new book without any guilt.

My quick thoughts on the great read #ShowYourWork  by +Austin Kleon 

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2014-03-23 17:51:54 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

The little random moments of life always make for interesting stories. 

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2014-03-23 16:10:15 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

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2014-03-23 12:16:18 (0 comments, 7 reshares, 12 +1s)

The 2014 CMO's Guide To The Social Landscape
To enlarge image: http://goo.gl/RI07pL

The folks at AdobeCMO have put together a 2014's social media guide for marketing professionals and CMOs, that shows how to learn about the different social media outlets and how to leverage them effectively.

Each social network is evaluated by four key aspects: traffic generation, brand awareness, customer communication and search engine optimization.

So zoom in to enjoy the chart. And let me know if you agree or disagree as well. That’s always fun.

Pin it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/381539399653824142

Source: http://www.cmo.com/articles/2014/3/13/_2014_social_intro.html

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2014-03-21 13:10:13 (6 comments, 2 reshares, 13 +1s)

For some reason, the link wasn't pulling in the image so I'm uploading it because you need to see it and READ about it.

I don't know Designer Daddy, but his A Gay Man's Tribute to Fred Phelps certainly got my attention.

Please take the time to read his inspiration behind the image


It certainly was not what I was expecting to read about a man who hated so many.

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2014-03-20 20:23:51 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 51 +1s)

How did I miss they were making a PEANUTS movie?!?!?!?!?!!

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2014-03-20 16:39:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 11 +1s)

New shelf in my office. Can't help but smile every time I walk by. 

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2014-03-19 17:04:53 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 12 +1s)

I didn't know this existed. Now can't wait!

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2014-03-19 16:32:50 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 8 +1s)

It takes balls to try and cover Nine Inch Nails and well.....this woman did a kick ass job with it!

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2014-03-19 12:43:03 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 32 +1s)

Once again +Casey Neistat takes what could be a boring commercial "make a video for our suits" and turns it into a fun, playful, travel filled video for J.Crew's #LudlowTraveler suits. 

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2014-03-18 17:29:40 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

I can't help but smile as my DAD gets quoted! :)

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2014-03-17 13:43:01 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

I'm long past the cabin fever stage. I can't wait to get outdoors and get hiking/kayaking/anything other than sitting at my desk. 

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2014-03-17 12:19:48 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

SO happy to see Amtrak finally embracing social media. Definitely some new folks on staff there since I tried doing things with them a few years ago!

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2014-03-14 14:39:50 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

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2014-03-14 11:19:29 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

I've never shot with a +Leica Camera , but I've always loved how they use the culture of their users to market their cameras. Always great to watch and I can't wait to see these stories.

#photography   #contentmarketing  

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2014-03-13 20:02:06 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 19 +1s)

Snowy day, but lunch with an old friend at one of my favorite local places.

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2014-03-13 17:52:53 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

A beautiful idea from +VSCO 

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2014-03-12 15:01:36 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

I wanted to love #Titanfall  but I don't. 

I do think it is a huge step towards what more video games will become though. 

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2014-03-11 16:56:13 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 15 +1s)

The ice and snow is finally starting to melt. YEAH!

Photo: +Samsung Camera NX300 w/ 85mm lens

#imagelogger   #photography  

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2014-03-11 15:31:28 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Great photography and an amazing story.

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2014-03-11 12:50:17 (3 comments, 3 reshares, 8 +1s)

This is priceless....

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2014-03-11 12:08:41 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

As a writer will the words always be waiting for you?

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2014-03-10 21:45:36 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 17 +1s)

Being a father of a teenage boy myself, I loved this video. Well done +Casey Neistat 

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2014-03-07 18:41:45 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 6 +1s)

LOVE today's Google Doodle celebrating International Women's Day! #GoogleDoodles 

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2014-03-07 12:15:39 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 11 +1s)

Can't wait for this film to come out. I've always been a fan of anything that Troublemaker Studios does and once again this looks great. First Sin City was a blast.

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2014-03-06 17:52:05 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Love what +VICE News and +VICE is doing and I can't wait for this new season to start. Love that HBO is giving them this sort of exposure. 


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