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dawn m. armfield has been at 3 events

Robert SKREINER1,228,981@110538600381916983600 ► *❶st Contest* Theme: *Natural Water Photos* includes all  Seascape-, Waterfall-, River-, Lake- Photos, etc. by @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  *Contest Rules:* ● Sign in to the Contest with a short comment! ● *Photos must be your own photos and work!* ● Max *10 Photos* per participating Photographer ● Photos must be uploaded to this *❶st Contest–Page* ● Please add @110538600381916983600 & @105124330145456519952 to your circles,     as well as @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  ● Post a short own comment to your photo incl. location ● You can also give +1 to your own photo! ● Please be fair and comment also to other photos! ● Please share this ► *❶st Contest* Invitation in your stream! ● Please invite your Google+ Friends and Followers. ● *Don't upload BW-Monochrome Photos!*    There is also a Contest of the Page:   @118354348104191320538  ● Don't delete the automatically shared Contest Photos    in your stream! So you will get more +1 *The best 100 ►TOP Photos on Google+◄* will be shared also at the Page: @110538600381916983600 and in  our Community: *TOP Photos on G+* https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102730381095199131702 *The 3 ►TOP Photos◄* of the *Winners* will be shared also in the stream of @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  *All participating Photographers will be incuded in*   *public shared circles of *     @117000139571713536948  & @110806949181190360839  & @110538600381916983600 & @105124330145456519952  *The final decision about the winners is made by an international and independent jury!* ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ @102506901448022034742  @114944941956349340056  @109655133541434616383 @107009098215521569646  @112840736235573716407 @115580685364349575355 @114507611997390703788    @102551956772228628364  @112271908611925541359  @102664053835780029639 @105782727431661976037   @104047237564402491584 @105124330145456519952  @101843523903788031573 @105798359393030559274  @117985549028905293535 @103374725189855996747  @112527225704468158520 by @102202857193383470434 +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS -▶❶st Contest◄ - Natural Water Photos2013-07-23 09:00:001995  
RC Concepcion1,085,325*Will You Photo Walk on October 13, 2012?* Our goal is to get as many walkers in the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk to sign up  for this event, and share their Photo Walk experience with Google+ . Here we can have all of the walkers from all over the workld participate in real time, thanks to +Google+  The official walk date is Saturday October 13, 2012, but to accomodate different times happening around the world, the event here is spanning a few days.  As of right now we have over a THOUSOND cities and close to 20,0000 walkers signed up for this free event.  This is a great place to make friends, explore #photography  , and see your city.  If you would like to sign up for one of the walks in your city, or lead a walk of your own, make sure you go to www.worldwidephotowalk.com  - We cant wait to see what you share! - +RC Concepcion Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2012 - The Main Event!2012-10-13 00:00:002941  
Tom Gort8,485The time and meeting place have been set. Let the countdown begin!  #MPLS2012  Minneapolis Photowalk 20122012-08-11 22:30:0025  

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