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Liza Cute355    #CircleShare    #CircleSharing    #SharedCircles    #CircleOfTheDay    #SharedPublicCircles    #GooglePlusTips    #Google+    #PublicCircle    #Google    #ENGAGERS    #SocialMedia    #EngagersCircle    #SharedCircleOfTheDay    #teamelitecircle    #buy_GooglePlus_followers    #TeamElite    #teameliteengagercircle    #Share    #Blogging    #CircleOfTheWeek2014-05-09 02:01:48402407CC G+
Yoga Imawan1,854#cirlce#cirlces#circleshare#circlesharing#circleoftheday#people#peopleandlife#greatcircle#amazing#worthsharing#funpeople#nicepeople#awesomecircle#awesomepeople#awesomesauce#trysomethingnew#iliketheirfriendship#circlewednesday#circling#forfriends#haveaniceday#smilemore#thebestcircle#thebestcirclesongoogle#thebest#bestsharedcircle#bestcircles#bestcirclesongoogleplus#circlethesepeople#starwars#startrek#scififans#scifiwatcher#syfy  #sharedcircle#sharedcircles2014-05-08 17:12:09401304CC G+
Harry Day216Boost your visibility on Google+ - Share the circle!To be added to the Circle you have to do these simple steps:1 - include me in your circles2 - Click add people and create your circle3 - share the circle (include yourself)4 - add +1 to the post#circle   #sharedcircles   #sharecircleoftheday   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circles   #fashion   #fashionblogger   #fashionblog   #pinterest   #pictures   #fashionstyle   #photography   #photo   #photographer   #photooftheday   #photooftheweek  2014-05-08 13:29:59435181829CC G+
Samantha Villenave231,053Got Art? - Part 8: Artists - M (by first name)Part 1: Artists - A: http://bit.ly/NDM6ifPart 2: Artists - B: http://bit.ly/PlfKbXPart 3: Artists - C: http://bit.ly/NoWtDTPart 4: Artists - D - E: http://bit.ly/N2xXNlPart 5: Artists - F - I: http://bit.ly/Ss6FMWPart 6: Artists - J: http://bit.ly/NP4g0zPart 7: Artists - K - L; http://bit.ly/Nv2dvLThe text below is copied from the original circle share part 1, because, no, people aren't going to click to read it, and haters will hate, so I must reiterate. Sorry! :)At nearly 1000, my art circle is bursting at the seams. It's too big to share on it's own anymore, so I thought I'd break it down into several smaller circles, to share over a period of days.These people fill my streams with visual imagery, sometimes beautiful, experimental, evocative... each one has a unique perspective and practice. Most of these people are painters, drawers, illustrators, sculptors, etc. (I generally keep my photogs in a separate circle, with a few exceptions, for good measure. So yes, this circle is a different beast.)The desire to connect with other artists is what brought me to G+, and it is a huge part of why I am still here.**************************************************************************A note about this circle, and my sharing it.Every time I share a circle, I get a backlash of anger from people that are not in it. Honestly, it is to the point that I rarely share circles.Please know that this circle is not all of the artists that you should be following here on Google+, it is simply the artists that I follow. I have chosen them for personal reasons, and enjoy following each of them. I am sharing them because I believe that you may also enjoy following them.This circle reflects my choices, of whom to follow, please be respectful of that. If you are an artist, and not in my circles, please feel free to say hi and let me know in the comments, so that I can mosey on over to your profile and see your work! #art #creativity #sharedcircles  2012-08-18 08:10:119417322CC G+
Bearman Cartoons17,084This is my Cartoonist/Webcomic Circle.  Tons of talented folks.  Some very active on G+...some I wish more  Check them out and add some to your daily reads.2012-08-03 02:09:014575213CC G+
Robert Simpson12,692✓ Verified nameNow that my #Pittsburgh #Circle has reached 500 I'll have to start weeding it out.  Quite a few don't post at all on Google+, but you can get a stream of all posts from burgh people if you put these in a separate, Pittsburgh-only circle.  The limit on your circles is 5000, so if you add these folks now you'll have them even after I start cleaning it up.2012-06-26 15:45:02500608CC G+
Samantha Villenave48,038I'm in the mood to ponder art and artists, and thought I'd spread the love a bit by sharing my art circle with you. I know, it's a biggie, but each person in it is a gem. They fill my internet life with beauty and creativity, some for over a year now. If you're an artist, and see this post, please feel free to leave a comment so that I can hop on over to your profile and discover your work as well! #art2012-06-25 17:30:5947823313CC G+
Joel Poirier3,351Ultimate Webcomics CircleIf you like webcomics, then you'll want to add this circle. It has all the creators and pages I've come in contact with so far, including some of my favourites like:+D. M. Rolfe 's Mighty Monocle+Charles Dowd's +Lilith Dark+John MacLeod's +Space Kid!+J. Cebron Cook's +Shattered Myth+Jonathan David Lim's +Vampires FROM Mars and more! If you have a webcomic are you aren't included, or if you know of one I've missed, please let me know and I'll start circlin'!2012-02-13 15:20:091982067CC G+
Joel Poirier2,531I haven't shared my comics circle in a while. This is a collection of people who make comics on the internet, and their pages. If you post a comic online and you aren't included here, let me know and I'll circle you up!#comics #webcomics #creators2012-01-25 15:50:471921218CC G+
Marilyn Fenn3,010Now that my Art Motherlode circle has hit 500 people, it's time to share (and start a new one?). This circle includes all pigment artists, illustrators, sculptors, curators, art writers, gallery owners, and art pages that I have circled so far (at least in this circle; there may be some unintentional omissions). I have tried to include only those who post, though no guarantees.If I left you out and you think you belong in my next incarnation of this circle, please be sure to let me know in the comments. Enjoy! :D2011-12-19 21:21:18500647CC G+
Charles Dowd (CDowd)3,062Support Independant Comic CreatorsA circle of indie creators including Cheese Circle Curator and writer +Dale Lazarov among others.2011-12-02 00:47:28474361112CC G+
Jefferson Krautsieder3,235My Monster World Circlereshare and add me#sharedcircle #monsterworld2011-11-29 23:58:25262020CC G+
Samantha Villenave7,019Creativitivy enthusiasts, I've updated about 40ish new members to the Google Art Walk website, so here is the circle, for those of you who are following along. It includes fine artists, illustrators, photographers, film artists and musicians. If you think you fit the bill and would like to join, please check out the about page, and then join at googleartwalk.wordpress.comSamantha Villenave shared a circle with you.2011-10-25 14:28:28181318CC G+
Jaime Perry588This is one of my artist circles, I limit my circles to 250 so I can share them, I'll share the other one too :)Jaime Perry shared a circle with you.2011-10-23 16:43:56249001CC G+
Samantha Villenave6,690A lot of people have been asking me to share my artist circles lately, so here they are, all compiled into one. Happy circling!Samantha Villenave shared a circle with you.2011-10-21 23:38:1720930615CC G+
Charles Dowd (CDowd)2,117Indie comic/webcomic creators. Support indie talent!Charles Dowd shared a circle with you.2011-10-21 17:37:004788513CC G+
Jon Evans104a circle of artistJon Evans shared a circle with you.2011-10-20 02:05:08501443CC G+
Cameron Buckley0My ARTISTS circleCameron Buckley shared a circle with you.2011-10-17 19:53:56287403CC G+
Andrija Stojkovic26If you play City of Wonder, here are some crazy ppl you can add :)Andrija Stojkovic shared a circle with you.2011-10-17 08:05:16266622CC G+
Pamela Sheldon0Pamela Sheldon shared a circle with you.2011-10-11 02:16:46240001CC G+
Samantha Villenave5,336I don't usually share circles, but this is, in my tiny opinion, a quite shareworthy circle for visual artists and anyone interested in connecting with artists on Google+. It's my "Google Art Walk" circle, and if you are an artist, and want to be included, you can join by going to googleartwalk.wordpress.com.Samantha Villenave shared a circle with you.2011-10-09 17:18:09166141127CC G+
Sophie K0Monster World CIRCLESophie K hat einen Kreis mit Ihnen geteilt.2011-10-03 10:48:41210005CC G+
Charles Dowd (CDowd)1,691So are we doing #FollowFriday or Share a Circle Saturday? Either way, here's my webcomics circle. Filled with a bunch of talented creators. (G+ limited it to only 250, not sure why?)Charles Dowd shared a circle with you.2011-09-30 12:59:482505310CC G+
Zian Silverwolf16Artists and Designers - Exploration into new worlds, new dimensions....Zian Silverwolf shared a circle with you.2011-09-27 11:56:09243001CC G+
Nick Marino0Here are the first 250 people in my Comics Circle. It's packed full of webcomics creators, comic book creators, self-publishers, writers, artists, and comics fans.Nick Marino shared a circle with you.2011-09-27 11:09:36250001CC G+

Top posts in the last 50 posts

Most comments: 8

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2012-03-28 21:16:30 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

New friends arrive.

Most reshares: 4

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2011-12-26 14:33:47 (0 comments, 4 reshares, 3 +1s)


Most plusones: 17

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2011-12-09 20:23:11 (3 comments, 4 reshares, 17 +1s)

I'm willing to bet you've never actually seen a quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog. UNTIL NOW. :)

Latest 50 posts

2013-07-22 15:53:47 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Pikmin 3 Giveaway - Who's your favorite?

To celebrate the release of Pikmin 3 in North America on August 4th, Wii U Daily is holding a small contest for its readers. We're eager to know which Pikmin variety or character is your favorite and why. In order to win a copy of Pikmin 3, all you need to do is tell us:

* Who is your favorite Pikmin character from the series
* +1 and share this post with your friends so they have a chance to win too!

We'll be picking the winners directly from those who share and +1 this post on Google Plus, so keep following us here on Wii U Daily and we'll keep you up to date on the contest winner!

We'll be announcing the winner on August 9th!

posted image

2012-12-15 18:08:14 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Wild console appears.

posted image

2012-12-06 02:54:09 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

I made it.

2012-07-10 22:15:06 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


2012-06-20 19:32:16 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Now we are delayed until 1pm. Or rather, a decision is delayed until then. At SFO. Gplus. Doesn't want to find the airport as a location for some reason.

2012-05-14 23:19:28 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


2012-04-08 01:38:14 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Super impressed with Kid Icarus: Uprising. Controls are a little awkward, but the game is a blast, with a pretty good challenge level (or maybe I'm just not good at this sort of game). I highly enjoy the banter between the characters.

posted image

2012-03-29 15:47:51 (1 comments, 3 reshares, 5 +1s)

Ned would hate Tony.

posted image

2012-03-28 21:16:30 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

New friends arrive.

posted image

2012-03-28 16:18:32 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 1 +1s)

So dorky, but I love this enigma. Do you get it?

posted image

2012-03-27 20:57:21 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Today's SFAM features relentless vengeance.

posted image

2012-03-21 21:15:08 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

New toy arrived today.

posted image

2012-03-16 12:18:13 (3 comments, 3 reshares, 7 +1s)

Should I be scandalized or amused?

posted image

2012-03-05 00:45:35 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

I finally got around to building this.

posted image

2012-02-23 18:01:30 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Did you know that +Jon Rosenberg started up a Kickstarter to fund the fourth Goats book?

Oh, you did?

Well did you contribute yet?

It has met the goal, but continued incentives exist, including the possibility that there will be more brand new Goats in the future. Goats was my first webcomic; found in the seedy, dark days of 1999 whilst procrastinating from my freshman college work. It stayed my favorite webcomic from then on. So I vote you help out. Jon has children. Think of the children.

posted image

2012-02-10 19:42:27 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 11 +1s)

This is how my cat sits.

posted image

2011-12-30 00:23:42 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

My cat's shoe fort.

posted image

2011-12-28 15:18:06 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

What I got yesterday.

posted image

2011-12-26 14:33:47 (0 comments, 4 reshares, 3 +1s)


posted image

2011-12-26 12:54:29 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 4 +1s)

posted image

2011-12-25 16:17:35 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 6 +1s)

Christmas just got more awesome!

2011-12-25 16:16:35 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Happy Christmas!

2011-12-21 16:45:33 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

$5 Dragon Quest IX, in-store pickup. Best Buy.

2011-12-20 16:42:40 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Call dialogs from the the viewmodel without breaking MVVM? I hate you.

posted image

2011-12-19 21:53:44 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 13 +1s)


posted image

2011-12-19 21:53:29 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

I think I would like to see this movie...

2011-12-19 16:57:56 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Oh hey. StreamGeometry exists, making my life so much easier than it was about an hour ago.

posted image

2011-12-17 03:38:10 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 0 +1s)

This is the best thing I have seen on the internet.

posted image

2011-12-17 00:55:04 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

This picture illustrates perfectly how our united states goverment views its american citizens...


2011-12-16 16:49:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

I love that Google+ gave us the ability to rearrange the order of our circles awhile back, but is it too much to ask for it to actually work properly? When I drag to a new location, oftentimes it ends up one spot over from where I put it (next time I check my circles is when this happens). Also, I've been trying to put my Monster World 10 circle after my Monster World 9 circle for about three weeks now, and it keeps moving back to the end of the line. Blarglearghle.

posted image

2011-12-09 20:23:11 (3 comments, 4 reshares, 17 +1s)

I'm willing to bet you've never actually seen a quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog. UNTIL NOW. :)

posted image

2011-12-08 14:15:43 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 7 +1s)


posted image

2011-12-06 18:12:44 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 0 +1s)

This is, quite frankly, ridiculous.


2011-12-05 14:18:48 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

I just realized that it has been over a month since I really looked at twitter. Probably three months since I regularly used it.

I still do check Facebook a little bit each day.

posted image

2011-12-04 03:38:07 (2 comments, 3 reshares, 11 +1s)

posted image

2011-12-02 22:53:25 (2 comments, 3 reshares, 5 +1s)

Share it if you found it :)

2011-12-02 17:46:08 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Did someone share a circle with me in it today? I am getting a ton of people adding me.

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, new people. I will try to do better soon.

2011-12-01 15:32:48 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 8 +1s)

*A Cow based Economics Lesson;

You have 2 cows.
You give one to your neighbor.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and gives you some milk.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and sells you some milk.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and shoots you.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and then throws the milk away.

You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows.
You sell them and retire on the income.

You have two cows.
You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit... more »

posted image

2011-11-30 16:17:47 (1 comments, 3 reshares, 7 +1s)

This image is just brilliant, thanks for share +Amber Treto

posted image

2011-11-28 16:45:49 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

If you notify your Circles about every post you make, you are spamming.

It's not okay. edit - Well, sometimes it's okay. Just try not to do it every time you have a YouTube video to post, that's all I ask!

I know it doesn't feel like you're spamming, but you are. Google+ only shows 9 notifications at a time in the dropdown menu, so when you take up my notification slots with your shared posts of cat videos, you are making it really difficult for me to respond to notifications I want to see. You don't want to be that guy, right?

Say no to notify (unless it's a special occasion)!


edit - +Melina M did me the favor of explaining this more explicitly in the comments below: "For those of you who aren't sure what behavior Christina is referring to, when you create a post and share with... more »

2011-11-23 01:25:54 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Guess who's #2 in North America in Scout Class in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2?

This guy is.

2011-11-20 21:18:07 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

How badly do I want the Skyward Sword bundle with the gold controller?

2011-11-18 13:58:08 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

RenderTransforms make my life so much easier.

posted image

2011-11-18 12:47:52 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

Yes. This. Oh my goodness so this.

posted image

2011-11-17 12:14:17 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

If you don't understand why the Big Banks are not just amoral, but are in fact immoral and actively Evil on a vast scale then read this.

How Goldman Sachs created the world food price crisis and how they and the other big banks are literally starving billions.

The Article starts with the History.

"It took the brilliant minds of Goldman Sachs to realize the simple truth that nothing is more valuable than our daily bread. And where there's value, there's money to be made. In 1991, Goldman bankers, led by their prescient president Gary Cohn, came up with a new kind of investment product, a derivative that tracked 24 raw materials, from precious metals and energy to coffee, cocoa,cattle, corn, hogs, soy, and wheat. They weighted the investment value of each element, blended and commingled the parts into sums, then reduced what had been a... more »

2011-11-09 21:51:03 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

59th overall in Dragon Quest Joker 2 rookie rank. 14th in the US.

(Or at least amongst people claiming to be in the US)

posted image

2011-11-09 13:55:50 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Now there's a phrase you don't see very often on the internet.

2011-11-06 16:37:09 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

I came in 204th in Scout rank in DQMJ2. So close to top 200. Sigh.

posted image

2011-11-02 14:29:20 (0 comments, 4 reshares, 7 +1s)

At first I was like :O then I was like :D

2011-10-29 11:50:43 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Where did this snow come from?


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