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Bryan Jones has been shared in 27 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Ricky Dawn581The most kick ass SEO circle ever. We like to interact with good content and will always try to follow back.We like members that interact, by posting comments and +1'ing our content - if it's worthy of course :) #onlinemarketing   #seo  2013-09-25 18:33:2050122521CC G+
Christina Trapolino54,573#CircleSunday  November 18, 2012It's been several months since I last shared this Circle with you guys, but I'm really glad to be starting it up again.  I have been taking your suggestions into consideration, but this week I'm sharing three people with you who have been on my radar for some time:---+Isabelle Fortin is someone I found through a neat hashtag event called #MovieMashupTuesday .  The idea...well, you can find it by clicking on the hashtag.  Some of the images they come up with make me laugh out loud... IRL.  ;)  Isabelle's stream is also just plain interesting -- she is a self-confessed foodie (and so am I), and one of the few people whose Instagram posts don't annoy me.  I'm certain she'll add some quirky fun to your streams.I've been following +Ralph Roberts for quite some time -- he worked with NASA on the Apollo program (*dreamy sigh*), so you can take posts with titles such as "Does chocolate make you clever?" very seriously in his stream.  Furthermore, ever since I got an iPad, I've found Ralph's posts to consistently liven up my feeds with beautiful images.  If you're from Austin and you know who John Aielli is, you might understand why I freakin' love Ralph Roberts.Last but not least is +Chris Hoeller, who has been in my Circles for a very long time.  His posts are sometimes a lot like reading a Twitter feed -- short and funny -- but he also makes incredibly thought-provoking posts about technology and social media.  I suspect that if you enjoy my posts on the subject of communication, you'll like Chris a lot.---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday   feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-11-19 03:11:2212014227CC G+
Michael B.1,582This circle was just shared to me by +Christina Trapolino .Thank you for sharing :-)2012-07-30 15:01:50118203CC G+
Christina Trapolino48,549July 15, 2012 #CircleSunday  It has been storming for almost a whole week in Austin!  Those of us who remember the wicked drought from last year (I wasn't a resident then, but a visitor several times) are grateful beyond words for the lower temperatures and the higher water levels in the lakes.  I am especially grateful for the storms because I can actually get more than 4 hours of sleep when it's raining.Stormy Sundays are probably the best thing ever (apart from brunch), and I've spent most of today browsing G+ and adding new folks to my 'potential Circle Sunday' list.  Here are the pleeps I've chosen for this week:---+Lil Peck has a slight obsession with horses.  I don't share that obsession (although I do like horses, and spent many summers as a little girl learning to ride them), but Lil Peck's Stream is just so dang interesting that I read it obsessively, anyway.  My favorite content of hers is tech-related -- especially when it's Google+ related.  Her latest post is an example of this (it's about how to make sure your Stream is drama-free): http://bit.ly/NvrXZV+Rachelle Doorley is an arts educator.  She also publishes something called Tinkerlab, which is actually pretty fascinating even if you're not a DIYer.  Speaking of DIY, my favorite part of Rachelle's profile is her suggestion of which Circles to add her to.  She lists DIY twice!  Whether it's intentional or not, I got a chuckle out of it because that's actually a fair analysis of her content: it's a lot of DIY/crafts stuff.  That said, I keep her in my "awesome A-list" Circle because her posts are fresh and unique.  Check out her latest post here: http://bit.ly/NJMquE+Jonathan Abbey is a testament to the power of the Nearby Stream.  By that, I mean that I found him through the first version of the mobile app for G+ -- he was posting from near my location, and I added him on a whim.  Several months later, and he's still on my read list!  He posts a lot of political stuff (fair warning if you like Romney -- Johnathan's Stream is unforgiving), but he's not preachy.  Talk about a rare find.  Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/NqjhFk---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday   feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-07-16 01:21:3911718125CC G+
Christina Trapolino47,824July 1, 2012 #CircleSunday In a few days, it'll be my one year anniversary on Google+, but the platform itself celebrated its birthday this past week.  As a result, lots of people posted fantastic stories about their time here (check the #MyFirstPost  hashtag to peruse the Stream of posts), and I made a lot of new friends.  All three of my Circle Sunday recommendations below are a direct result of that.  I hope they bring something fresh to your Streams, as they have mine.  :)---+Mark Bruce is a regular #ScienceSunday  contributor who came to me via a shared Circle this past week.  If you're looking to beef up your science Circles, you can file Mark under awesome.  He hails from Adelaide in South Australia, which is where I went to some university a few years back.  It's a great, albeit quiet little town full of smart folks like Mark, IIRC.  Extra cool points awarded due to his self-proclaimed enthusiasm for transhumanism.  Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/LJ9YLLI have never recommended a Page in my Circle Sundays, but that's changing this week.  I stumbled across a Googler's new yoga page -- +Quantum Yoga -- during my Stream surfing this week and fell in love.  I want to get into yoga, but I've had some trouble making time for it.  +Brandon Seils' Page is helping me to increase my interest in the practice by highlighting its geeky side.  Maybe my next step will be to find a good yoga Hangout!  Check out the Page's latest post here: http://bit.ly/MNqKNf+Ivan Yudhi is more proof that commenting thoughtfully will get you noticed and Circled by people with common interests.  I found Ivan while hopping around several I/O conversations.  He posts a lot about sports as well as different smartphones and their creators (and other tech, in general).  His profile indicates he's into photography, and while I don't see a lot of his photos in his Stream, I'm hoping he'll take some pictures soon and share them!  Check out Ivan's latest post here: http://bit.ly/LYLBek---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday   feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-07-02 03:50:5211318530CC G+
Jari Huomo7,914Christina Trapolino Circle Sunday CircleHere is an excellent selection of Google+ users manually selected by lovely +Christina Trapolino (https://plus.google.com/102615863344410467759/about)If you do not want to add all at once, you can see all the people in this circle here: http://www.googleplussuomi.com/christinatrapolino/ with links to their best posts & photo posts. 2012-06-21 10:26:491118219CC G+
Christina Trapolino47,287June 17, 2012 #CircleSunday Hello again, Google+!This month has been tremendous for me -- as I continue to search for cultural clues that prove my hypothesis that society is evolving its use of social media, I've learned a great deal about the relationship between brands and bloggers (or, as I like to call them, citizen journalists).  More on this later in the week, when I share my takeaways from the Blog Her Food '12 conference in Seattle.For today, I'm very pleased to share these fine folks with y'all for Circle Sunday!---First up is +John Maguire, who is a clinical researcher at the University of Kansas. John livens up my Stream with fantastic posts about all sorts of topics (seriously, they range from sports to outer space), but my favorite thing about him comes from his profile: "Being green is [sic] doesn't have to reflect one's political status, rather learning how [to] better our way of living and sustaining a better place to live for future generations." Hear, hear! Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/MzMHzrI have well over 500 photographers in my Circles, and they are all super talented.  They certainly remind me that my Instagram account is strictly amateur.  Many of them have enormous followings, but some have been less exposed than others.  Case in point?  +Rainer Steinke is a street photographer whose taste and style are, in my opinion, spectacular. This is my favorite of his recent posts: http://bit.ly/MXbUkM+Kyle Sullivan is an exobiology major (bonus nerd points) whose posts are endlessly interesting.  I like Kyle's Stream so much because he mixes NASA information with a quirky sense of humor (he initially caught my attention when I saw some re-shares of his #AwayTeamPorn posts -- y'all know how I feel about Star Trek).  Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/M5sdws---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday   feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-06-17 22:53:4711120424CC G+
Christina Trapolino46,899June 3, 2012 #CircleSunday  Hello again, Google+!  I've been a very busy girl for the past couple of weeks, but I've still been surfing my Streams and looking out for great people to feature for Circle Sunday.  Today, I'd like to share the latest three additions to my #CircleSunday  Circle:---+David Garcia has been in my Circles for a long time, and I've been meaning to feature him for much of that time.  His posts are uplifting and his message is something we can all relate to from time to time.  David has a blog called, "Keep it up, David!" and it's about his battle with losing weight.  He's doing a great job, which is nice to see, but what makes his approach really special is that he doesn't focus on weight all the time.  Rather, he chooses to highlight great things to eat for their taste and nutritional value, which makes his content engaging for anyone -- trying to lose weight or not.  Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/LrbDGU+Gunther Cox only has about 1,100 followers and I have no idea why he doesn't have way more than that, so I'm hoping this feature will help spread his content to a larger audience.  Gunther posts about what is probably the coolest thing ever -- robots.  He makes them and posts about them!  Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/Le1mBLI'd like to let +Jonathan Chalker's profile speak for itself (boy, I love when people really take the time to fill that sucker out): "I am a proud first generation G+ user. In G+ I write articles about science, technology, music, design (web and product), philosophy, media, and customer service in the digital world. I also follow quite a few people, read most of their posts, and actively comment (yay, me)."  He really is an interesting guy to follow! Check out his latest post here: http://bit.ly/KZtWV6---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday   feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-06-04 00:43:5110912025CC G+
Jeff Smith36,143And The Selfy Sunday Project "regulars" circle. Will need to start a new one since this one is at 499. Let me know if you are in for some regular Selfy fun.2012-05-29 04:12:4549920323CC G+
Anthony Fox12,566Circle of Influencers IIt's been awhile since I've shared these circles and they've grown quite a bit. These are people who have between 3500 and 10,000 followers (or did when I put them in the circle, I'll check +CircleCount after I post this and move the people who've passed 10K in to the next circle.)2012-05-01 18:41:46473401234CC G+
Christina Trapolino44,279April 8, 2012 #CircleSunday First of all, happy Easter (or Zombie Jesus Day, depending on your preference), everybody! Yesterday was my birthday, so I drove to Dallas to see some friends and am currently in recovery mode after having a large amount of celebratory champagne (shhh, please pass the Advil). Regardless, I'm happy to share three of my newest Circle Sunday recommendations with you all!---+Bud Gibson is a business professor who specializes in technology and online marketing. His Stream, however, is mostly filled with rather pretty photographs and interesting notes about social platforms. Check out one of his latest photographs here: http://bit.ly/Hq1v3J.+Melissa Bryan is a self-labeled "geeky gamer girl," and as a former gamer myself, I find her Stream to often feel like a kindred's. She's got a great sense of humor and her posts will add a nice dash of comedy to your Stream. Check out her latest, Easter-themed post here: http://bit.ly/Hq3iWt (it makes me giggle).I've been paying more attention to my Photography Circles lately, and +Jacob Dix has been posting some of the more unique photos I've seen in the past couple of weeks. He often posts photos with a #MobileOnly tag, which is not something I was previously familiar with. The effects, however, are really more interesting than I would have thought (obviously, I know nothing about photography!). Here is my favorite recent photo of his: http://bit.ly/IcQPRU.---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-04-08 23:13:209134120CC G+
Christina Trapolino43,425March 25 - #CircleSunday I hope y'all had wonderful weekends. I spent mine with the Italian side of my family. We celebrated a very early Easter and ate plenty of Italian food, so I'm pretty worn out. Luckily, I've had most of today to rest. And it being Sunday means that it's time for me to share my picks for you to add to your Circles this week!---+Jason Salas is someone I've been following since my first week on Google+. He's a very sharp guy who posts at the most ridiculous times possible (well, for me -- but I live in Texas and he lives in Guam!) but always has something funny, fascinating, or insightful to say. The content he curates is usually of interest to me, but I think my favorite thing about him is that he's a Bob's Burgers fan. It takes a special kind of humor to like Bob's Burgers, and Mr. Salas shares it with me. Maybe you're into quirky comedy, too? You'll like Jason, then. Check out one of his latest posts here: http://bit.ly/GRgLGF.+Lizzy Miles caught my attention by making clever comments on some interesting discussions and I added her to my Probation Circle (if you don't know what that is, jog your memory here: http://bit.ly/uJNTzm). She's got a very interesting Stream full of well-curated content and a really robust profile, although I especially agree with this part: "Lizzy Miles changes her mind frequently about her career identity, but has always held true to her enthusiasm for written and oral storytelling." For a sample of what Lizzy has to offer, check out one of her latest posts here: http://bit.ly/H2YO75.+Jadey A-S Wilson has been in my Circles for a long time, and her posts have always been a welcome part of my Stream, even though she clearly refuses to fill out her profile (or make it public, I'm not sure which is the issue). ;) Her thoughts and commentary are usually a departure from the norm, which is what makes her a permanent resident in my "Recommended" Circle, which is publicly visible on my profile. Check out her latest post here: http://bit.ly/GRO4Ul.---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino-- make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique.Happy Plussing, everyone!2012-03-26 04:34:24858118CC G+
Anthony Fox8,976Circle of Influencers Part IIAfter seeing a post about influence and Google+ by +pio dal cin here: http://goo.gl/hdULF I decided I would share my circles of influence.This circle is made up of people with 3500 - 10K followers2012-03-20 22:34:3938737529CC G+
Dominic Meagher0The China Circle - Since Google+ seems to have welcomed a whole bunch of new people from China, I thought I'd share my China circle. This is circle of people that seem to have an interest in China. I shared it once before, and this is the updated version. Later I'm going to try to work on a more selective version - I'll try to get it down to less than 100 people. But for now, this is it.If you want to be added or removed from it, please let me know in comments.2012-03-03 03:15:25449004CC G+
Jeff Smith29,073The Selfy Sunday Project "Regulars" circleCheck to see if your name is here, add the circle to your circles if you like or just follow along.If you want to be in on a regular basis just let me know and I will add you.2012-02-11 18:28:5443834819CC G+
Kaseem Simpson0My shared circle of Mobile Photographers! I have learned a lot from the talented mobile photographers in this circle. Add them if you want to see unbelievably creative images shot with smartphones. Any mobilephotographers I missed please let me know so I can add you. Thx #iphoneography #androidography #photographers #photography #mobilephotography #mofo #circleshare2012-01-26 02:19:5584213CC G+
Mostafa Safavi787This is my ( +1 Giver ) Circle.Lots of good people that share good information and giving you +1 on a regular basis.2012-01-22 23:53:05500203CC G+
Lars Fosdal3,412#Delphi #developer Delphi geeks and other geeks. If you know other Delphi people that share good content, please share them with us as well!Make sure you circle +Delphi User Group and +Firemonkey User Group too. If you like to curate and share Delphi content, maybe you'd like managing rights for these pages too? Let me know if you are up to the task.2012-01-12 14:40:43225012CC G+
Jeff Smith23,219Here it is, the amazing, incredible, awesome, undeniable, fun filled, ultra light, all new, old school, super sized, made fresh daily, organic, all natural, hypo allergenic, no MSG, slow roasted, dehydrated, reconstituted, fresh, never frozen, vine ripened, hand picked, air tight SELFY SUNDAY REGULARS CIRCLE ...... can you dig it?ENJOY, SHARE and RE-SHARE and remember the Selfy Sunday project wants you!Let me know if your IN on the original participation post, Jan. 15/12 is the date.https://plus.google.com/u/1/115961021629090154025/posts/A73yR34gubhPS - this is for you too +Ricardo Williams2012-01-11 01:21:07378292426CC G+
Daniel Sandstein3,662The Cream of the Crop of December 2011What's this?On +CircleCount everyday some very interesting persons are choosen and recommended. These are persons without hunders of thousands of followers but with a lot interesting content. You won't find silent people leading the rankings like +Britney Spears here, but interesting people that are worth to be followed.You can find the Cream of the Crop daily here:http://www.circlecount.com/daily/Past Cream of the Crop circles:November 2011: http://goo.gl/x6TJkOctober 2011: http://goo.gl/2xVn92012-01-04 13:14:09299251318CC G+
Christina Trapolino32,823And now...the first #CircleSunday of 2012I'm thrilled that my first post of 2012 is a shared Circle filled with wonderfully talented and interesting people -- it seems in line with one of my resolutions for this year, which is to promote the good work of others in any way I can. Other resolutions and reflections will come later, but for now...I'm really happy to present the following three people for your Circling consideration.---+Mitch Wagner always has an interesting article to share, but it's his personal opinions and musings that I really watch out for and pay attention to. He's been a really fun and often thought provoking addition to my Circles and I'm sure he will be for you, also. Read his post about how he read before the Internet here: http://bit.ly/vu4G8w.+Richard Stephenson is someone I've followed for many weeks on Google+. He always has something interesting to post, and there is a wide variety of topics and forms of media in his Stream. You'll find everything from personal stories to shares about cars that recognize the shape of your backside (yeah, I was a little weirded out by that, too). Check out his share of Woody Guthrie's New Years Resolutions here: http://bit.ly/uwxGIm+Kristen Marhaver is a postdoctoral researcher and a coral biologist. I have had her in my Circles for a long time, and I'm always eager to see what she has to share. Unfortunately, she doesn't share as often as others...but her work is so interesting that I'm hoping this gentle nudge will persuade her to share more of her stunning photography and fascinating tidbits with us on Google+. Check out her latest post here: http://bit.ly/vCnSaX---That's it for this week! Please feel free to recommend yourself or others for a #CircleSunday feature by using the "Send an email" button on my profile or sending a tweet to @cmtrapolino(make sure you include a link to the profile you're recommending, as some names are not unique).Happy New Year, Plussers! <32012-01-02 03:17:46668213CC G+
Claude Rieth3,070(Sun03 ) Hand-curated circle with iPhone photographers: Updated!Here's a circle composed of photographers using the iPhone as camera, and posting about the different tools available.This week I learnt about apps to make panorama photos through some of these talented photographers.It's a small circle, maintained and filtered. I've visited all their profiles to verify that they have original iPhone-photo related content! There are almost no reshares, there are essentially photos taken with the iPhone, and posts covering #iPhoneography . If you think you should be in this circle, don't be shy, just say so and I'll include you for the next reshare. tl;dr:iPhotogs! #SharedCircles #PublicCircles #mofomo +Shared Circles on G+2011-12-18 16:47:16399110CC G+
Claude Rieth2,930( #crMon:3 ) Hand-curated circle with iPhone photographersAs announced in my post from last saturday ( http://goo.gl/9xXQ4 ) , here's a circle with people who have focused on using the iPhone to take photos.It's a small circle and I've visited all their profiles to verify that they have original content. There are almost no reshares, there are essentially photos taken with the iPhone. You might also want to check +Andre Bastary 's 2 very well written posts on #iPhoneography workflow here http://goo.gl/lx4jO and http://goo.gl/uA2oy !tl;dr:iPhotogs!#SharedCircles #PublicCircles +Shared Circles on G+ #mofomo2011-12-12 15:18:01321555CC G+
Christina Trapolino25,955#CircleSunday is here!I think this is the first Sunday I've been at home to post a Circle Sunday in over a month, and nothing is slowing down. Soon, I'll be moving to #Austin, TX, where I'll be starting a new job and a new chapter in life. There are only 24 hours in a day, but lately I find myself wishing there were more hours, or that sleep was less necessary. It isn't, by the way. Sleep as much as you can.Still, #CircleSunday is an excuse for me to drown out the noise all around me, to slow down and really appreciate the things that go on in my Streams. This week, I want to introduce you to three people who have been particularly interesting for me. I hope they will inspire you, too.---How do you feel about fine art? If you're like me, you wish you knew more about it and that you had time to be exposed to more of it. If that sounds right, you'll really like +Portrait Artist Enzie Shahmiri. She shares fine art from all over, and she even labels her posts so that you know who the artist is and how it was painted. She's also an artist herself, of course, and her own art is often very impressive, although I suspect it would be more impressive in person. Enzie really makes my Stream feel a little more classy, by the way. See if she doesn't add a bit of the finer side to yours! Check out her latest share here: http://bit.ly/vUi5Kk+Timothy Lake describes himself as a "common sense existentialist with authority issues," which is enough to entice on its own, but his posts really follow through. He often shares things that I wouldn't have likely seen otherwise, like this awesome #TEDTalk on how to spot liars (http://bit.ly/t6qgzi), but his own content is always very interesting, too. Timothy likes to examine the world around him and when he writes, it's obvious that his feelings are sincere and his observations are completely authentic, which makes the text engaging. He also has a really quirky sense of humor. See for yourself!+Mikael sh is Swedish, devilishly handsome, and has a reasonable following already (over 7,000!) -- but his posts are just so interesting that I think anyone who hasn't stumbled across him yet should have a look. The post I'm linking is tagged as #SentimentalSunday (http://bit.ly/tsmSrk), but Mikael openly admits that his share isn't even personally sentimental to him. I like that he participates honestly. He's a mixed bag -- you'll find posts about everything from science to martial arts in his Stream, so he's tough to categorize. But like others who fit that bill, I think it's a plus!---That's it for this week! Please feel free to suggest folks for a #CircleSunday feature. Please note, however, that the "Send a message" link in my profile is not the best way to go about doing so. I know at least three people sent me recommendations that way this past week and I just couldn't find the posts again after seeing them once, so please use the "Send an email" link or tweet at me if that strikes your fancy (@cmtrapolino). That way I won't have to dig for the recommendation later!H2011-11-14 00:08:064929620CC G+
Christina Trapolino22,130October 23: #CircleSundayEvery Sunday, I like to share three new Plussers with you all who make my Streams more fun to read. This is my favorite thing to do on Google+ because it's an exercise in discovery. I have a lot of people in my "potential Circle Sunday" Stream, and it's always difficult to choose just three per week. This week was no exception, but I managed to narrow it down.Enjoy!---+Terrence Lui is one of the most interesting people I've added to my Circles recently. He writes about a whole variety of topics, from marathon running to tech business analysis. His posts are always carefully thought out and his level of interaction on them is impressive. His latest post is titled "Strange Running Injuries" -- and it made me cringe while laughing. A good combination, I think! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/p0Wm0S+Anthony Fox writes a serial fantasy/comedy on Google+ called Quest for the Hobo King. It's pretty funny, and a really neat idea. I like that with every installment comes a cute book cover -- complete with Google+ reviews! Anthony also regularly shares Circles of different MBTI personality types. I haven't tried adding the Circles yet, myself, but I wonder if you'd notice different types of posts in each one. I look forward to Anthony's analysis when he's completed all 16 Circles. For the latest installment of Quest for the Hobo King, click here: http://bit.ly/pMzPZM+Craig Newman has been in my Circles almost since the very beginning of my time on Google+. A writer for the Chicago Sun-Times as well as a journalism professor, Craig was part of that first wave of journalists who came to Google+ while invitations were still necessary, and he always has an interesting article or story to share. He's also very engaged with the community on Google+. I've run into Craig's comments on lots of different posts, and they're always well structured and insightful. If you're looking for a great conversation, posts he's commenting on are a great place to start. For those of you who have been with me since the first few Circle Sundays, you'll know that sometimes I share people whose content I wish was shared more on Google+ itself. Craig has been here a long time, but I want to see more of his thoughts and I think the boost in engagement will help with that.---That's it for this Sunday! As always, please feel free to send me your recommendations for #CircleSunday via the "Send an email" link on my profile. I love hearing from y'all.Happy Plussing!Christina Trapolino shared a circle with you.2011-10-24 00:33:234020733CC G+
Jeff Smith9,411Ok here it is, the Selfy Sunday circle share.All of these fine folks submitted a self portrait for this past Selfy Sunday Oct. 9/11 and will likely submit more because this is "the" best themed photography project on Google+.Make sure you add this circle and follow them in the future as we do more Selfy Sundays....or just join in yourself.you have to excuse me, I might have missed 2 or 3 people according to the count, if your have been missed let me know.cc. +Gil D. Faingezicht by request.Jeff Smith shared a circle with you.2011-10-12 04:23:0419014514CC G+
Christina Trapolino16,448This is a grab bag of a shared CircleThis Circle is the one you see displayed on my profile. It has big names you probably already follow, like +Chris Pirillo, +Mike Elgan, and +Marshall Kirkpatrick (so it's a decent Circle for a new G+ user you know). It also includes everyone ever featured in my Circle Sunday posts (so it's a great Circle for you if you root for the little guy).Artists, musicians, journalists, G+ enthusiasts, social media experts, photographers...they're all here. Famous, not famous -- all talented or interesting in one way or another!Enjoy and as always, Happy Plussing!Christina Trapolino shared a circle with you.2011-10-01 21:15:4559271634CC G+


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2014-04-21 04:02:31 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 9 +1s)

Battling Myopia

Students at a primary school in Wuhan (Hubei province) returned to school after the winter holiday and found a little extra added to their desks. School officials say the bars will help the students form better reading habits and reduce near-sightedness. (Numbers vary, but I've seen reports citing as high as 80% of high school graduates suffering from myopia.)

BTW, this particular class is comprised of "left-behind" children whose parents are migrant workers in far-flung corners of China.

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2014-04-17 03:39:32 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)


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2014-04-17 03:28:50 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

China Vagina Monologues

The Gender Activism Club at the Beijing Foreign Studies University has been actively, ah, prodding local vaginas to speak up...

2014-02-18 03:40:53 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Play on Steam?

Running BL2 and all DLCs on a Mac Mini via Steam. Have an OP8 Siren and happy to help folks level up. Currently working on a Zerker (I think lvl 70) and a Zero (lvl 68?).

I failed to stash all my top lvl 72 gear as I was leveling up my Siren, so willing to trade/dupe some good OP8 gear for any 72 gear for my zerker and assassin.

My Steam name is: txediter

2013-10-30 08:38:51 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

OP8 Weapons Trade?

Growing a tad tired of the incessant farming in order to get some things I want. I have a fair collection of OP8 gear...and only interested in trading for OP8 gear.

Particularly interested in a grounded Bee. Also, shock Infinity. Or, offer what you have. Can provide a screen shots.

I have:
Norfleets-Puissant Shock & Corrosive (Logan's Gun (lvl 61) included, but it's for resupplying rockets, not about the level)
Sham shield- top absorb rate
Hoplite shield
Bee shields- high capacity or high amp damage or faster RR/RD
Sand Hawks- Fire, Shock & Corrosive

2013-10-25 08:34:38 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Friends with benefits

OP8 Siren with not much left to do except putz around helping out if I can. I play on a Mac(mini). Look for/invite: txediter

Happing hunting, folks!

2013-08-29 07:29:03 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Looking for co-op play

I"ve played entirely solo up to this point (level 50), but looking for folks who'd like to hook up if you don't mind someone who's a newb at co-op. (I'm running via Steam on a MacMini if that makes any difference.) Particularly looking to work together to farm legendary weapons.

And just for fun of course!

2013-04-12 07:34:58 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Color Me Curious

Now that I've joined the vaping bandwagon...and this community...I find I'm doing a tad of a retro Tiny Tim tiptoe, a tobacco two-step. I'm dancing around, "What is my goal?" Quitting tobacco? Or quitting nicotine?

Lo these many years and untold times I tried to quit smoking, the two were irrevocably tied together. If you could beat the nicotine addiction, then you'd beaten tobacco, too, and improved your life expectancy considerably. Yet this new technology unties that knot. You can beat tobacco without giving up nicotine.

Is that a good thing?

I possibly have a moderately addictive personality. During my tenure of exploring and adventuring all the consumable goodies that life has to offer, I somehow managed to limit myself to three addictions. Presented in assumed order...

THC. Nicotine.... more »

2013-04-10 23:13:48 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Just sayin'...

I think it was +Caz Abbott who mentioned in Sheila's post that it takes, in general, a couple of weeks before your lungs start feeling the benefits. Don't know how much the rest of you were smoking, but I've got about 45 years down my lungs...with better than two packs a day for nearly a decade.

I'm a little over a week analog-free now, but I could feel that heavy hand lifting from my chest within just a few days. All without one of those overwhelming cravings where you freak out and go buy a pack.

Now, if my Mt. Baker order of five flavors would just show up...

posted image

2013-03-26 04:26:56 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

Analyst...at your service

I'm snagging a tip from +Marc Jansen today. Instead of posting more Chinese art, or some quirky Sino-related tidbit, I found something interesting three degrees removed from me in my stream. And appropriated it. You may, or may not, find it interesting, too.

This post resonated with me because I'm newly returned to G+ after an almost one year hiatus. I had contemplated abandoning the Google social ship altogether, but one aspect of being an expatriate (eight years now) drew me back onboard.


My wife jokes with me at times that I'm more yellow than she is...meaning more Chinese than her. And I have assimilated a great deal. I know, I understand a lot more about Chinese culture and Chinese people, and even the language, than I did before I came here. However long I live here though, I simply livewi... more »

posted image

2013-03-25 08:04:26 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 6 +1s)

I See You!

Here's an album of paintings by Chinese artist Guo Jin. This series has a particular focus on children. Some people interpret these as an expression, maybe even a juxtaposition, of youth and China's relatively youthful entrance into the global scheme of things. I don't know. Just telling you what I hear.

Personally, while I do enjoy the tones and textures of his work. And the expressive nature of them, I find many of them rather eery and unsettling...as if they are some adolescent character leaping out of the page of a Stephen King tome. No?

Born in Chengdu, Sichuan in 1964, Guo Jin graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 and is now a professor there.


posted image

2013-03-24 03:53:49 (11 comments, 0 reshares, 10 +1s)

Bend...but don't break

This painting by Chinese artist Guo Jin pretty much sums it up. I haven't been active on G+ for about a year now. I got bent. But didn't break. Life goes on.

I may not be as active as before, but I'll be around...looking to reconnect with old friends and maybe discovering and making new ones.

posted image

2012-04-16 01:38:33 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

People are People
Depeche Mode (circa 1984)

People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get
Along so awfully
People are people
So why should it be
You and I should get
Along so awfully

So we're different colors
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs
It's obvious you hate me
Though I've done nothing wrong
I've never even met you so what could I have done

I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man
Help me understand

People are people...

Help me understand
Help me understand

Now you're punching
And you're kicking
And you're shouting at me
I'm relying on your common decency
So far it hasn't surfaced
But I'm sure it exists
It just... more »

posted image

2012-04-11 01:47:49 (4 comments, 1 reshares, 18 +1s)

People are people
From fields of rice…to fields of concrete

Under the Gaoqiao overpass of Changsha, capital city of the Hunan province, 13 year old Yang Qing lies on a mat, asleep. Over the past few days, he has been suffering from an unrelenting high fever. His mother depends on shining other people’s shoes to make a living. Knowing it is very expensive to go to the hospital, he sleeps in the cool shadow of the overpass.

Shoeshine ladies are about as ubiquitous as sidewalk snack vendors in most of China, though, for reasons unknown to me, Dalian has far fewer of both. When I first came to China seven years ago, a shoeshine cost yi kuai qian, little more than a dime at yesteryear's exchange rate. Today, a shoeshine will set you back liang kuai qian (2RMB), or a little more than 30 cents. As well, bear in mind that there is no tipping in China for any kind ofser... more »

posted image

2012-04-09 04:25:48 (35 comments, 1 reshares, 7 +1s)

What's politics got to do with it?

My first post ever on a social network was last August when I joined G+. And it was my political compass...then. For reasons unknown to me, my good friend, +barqzr davi, recently canoed all the way down through the whitewaters of my stream until he found that me of yesteryear.

I urged him to do his own political compass test, which he did and then shared with me. So, out of mild curiosity, I took the test again (http://politicalcompass.org/) just to see if my political bent has changed in less than one year.

Turns out I'm bent more to the left and more libertarian than before. (Previously, I was roughly two squares to the east and one to the north.) If I lean any more to the left, I'll fall off the frickin' planet.

What's your bent?

Please +mention me if you share your particular bent,... more »

posted image

2012-04-06 03:05:37 (6 comments, 1 reshares, 13 +1s)

People are people

Zhong Rujiu holds her older sister, Zhong Ruqin, in the ward of a Beijing hospital. Zhong Rujiu said that her big sister used to hold her warmly like this when she was little. In September of 2010, the Zhong family had a conflict with relocation and demolition personnel about being forced out of their home. Zhong Rujiu's sister, mother and uncle poured gasoline on themselves and set themselves on fire to protest the relocation.

No matter where they come from, people are people

posted image

2012-04-04 23:02:28 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 13 +1s)

People are people

To stand out in a crowd in China is not a good thing. Being unconventional is to defy tradition and tradition is the cornerstone of Chinese harmony.

“My life is unconventional, licentious...like a dog. When I sing, it is to sing my own life."

No matter where they come from, people are people.

posted image

2012-04-04 02:16:36 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

People are people

Lu Yongming, 17 years old, is just one of literally millions of a younger generation of Chinese who are fleeing the country and flocking to the cities in search of a better life.

“I work as an apprentice in an auto repair shop. Being an apprentice is very hard. Sometimes I even have to work outside when it rains and snows. In this city, I have a 'white collar' big sister, who works in a clean and bright office building. She often buys things for me when she comes to see me. To see my big sister being so refined, while I am covered from head to toe in grease, my buddies often joke about me being a 'black collar.' I don’t like farming, so black collar is still better than 'mud collar.' The rural life, in one word, boring; in two words, very boring."

No matter where you come from...people are people.

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2012-04-03 01:18:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

Chinese Expressionism

Those who are familiar with Zeng Fanzhi likely know of him because of his Mask series, one of which (the first in this album) sold for $9.7 million, a record for contemporary Asian art. Zeng was born in Wuhan in 1964, a rather large city in the central province of Hubei, but now lives and works out of Beijing.

The album includes a fair sampling of Zeng's Mask series, a few from his also well-known Hospital series and a couple of paintings of Chairman Mao for good measure.

Hope you enjoy!


posted image

2012-04-03 01:09:02 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 3 +1s)

2012-04-01 05:43:43 (11 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

Winter holiday and online hibernation
Not some April Fool's tomfoolery

Two months to the day...not that very many people appeared to notice...I'm back online and on G+. I had nine weeks of winter holiday to fritter away this year and I spent the first month of it habitually and merrily doing my G+ thang. We then got a bit of a wild hair and spent the bulk of February traveling, partly due to Spring Festival family obligations, but mostly because we enjoy exploring new horizons.

After we returned to Dalian, I was out of the habit of getting online, or keeping up with G+. As well, I felt like I had been spending a rather inordinate amount of my free time online. So, for the most of March, I opted out of virtual reality and camped out in my real life for some R&R.

The funny thing is, when I decided to opt back in, I discovered my VPN service had expired.... more »

posted image

2012-02-01 00:41:54 (4 comments, 5 reshares, 30 +1s)

Chinese Art

As indicated, here is the more colorful work of Foshan artist Hua Tunan...


posted image

2012-02-01 00:39:50 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 5 +1s)

Art | Hua Tunan

posted image

2012-02-01 00:39:28 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

posted image

2012-02-01 00:37:45 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

posted image

2012-02-01 00:34:30 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

Chinese Art

This work titled One Sperm, Whole Universe is by Foshan-based artist Hua Tunan. Most of his work is wildly colorful, so I thought I'd start here with the more muted tones.


posted image

2012-01-31 23:59:31 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 17 +1s)

Chinese Art

I took a week off from G+, the longest breather in the six months I've been here, so here's some art to break the ice and get back in the swing of sharing. I've posted some art by Song Qina before, but these two paintings have a very different feel to them. Also, I failed to make the album public before, but it should be available now so you can look back at her previous works.


posted image

2012-01-31 23:53:40 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 10 +1s)

posted image

2012-01-24 22:54:16 (6 comments, 1 reshares, 3 +1s)

Things That Are More Fun in the Philippines

posted image

2012-01-24 01:27:58 (11 comments, 2 reshares, 7 +1s)

"Dragon" baby boom expected in China

As well as many other Asian countries because the dragon, quite unlike Western dragon mythology, is the most auspicious of the zodiac signs in Chinese culture, often associated with intelligence, strength, good fortune and those destined for success. According to the Xinhua state news agency, the country is expecting a five percent rise in babies born in 2012. And a recent poll conducted in Hong Kong revealed that 70% of couples desire "dragon babies."

Even in Taiwan, a country with one of the world's lowest birth rates, government officials appear to be tickled baby pink in anticipation. Although some expectant parents fret that the influx of babies will result in stressful competition for their children's future education and employment. Which might just mean more "Tiger Moms" will be raising Dragon... more »

posted image

2012-01-22 02:58:24 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 16 +1s)

Xin Nian Kuai le!

Happy Chinese New Year! Folks all over the world are preparing to ring in the Year of the Dragon, while here in Dalian (and most of China) they are booming it in with fireworks. Pretty much nonstop as I write and for the next week or so.

One of the more popular customs, especially for children, is the giving of hong bao (red envelopes), more colloquially known as lucky money. Even on up through college years, children eagerly look forward to this time of year and receiving their lucky money.

This shot is from an album by photographer Jason Lee, who must have two of the most precious little daughters anywhere on the planet and I imagine this is pretty much how they look just about now. Or, real soon...

Wishing everyone peace, prosperity and good health!

posted image

2012-01-22 02:04:56 (5 comments, 2 reshares, 2 +1s)

G+ follower heat map

I wish I could remember who shared their map a few days ago, but it's lost in the shuffle so I can't give them credit for turning me on to this feature on CircleCount.com. Only about a third of the nearly 5,000 people following me are shown on the map, but I imagine it's fairly representative.

I wasn't too surprised to see that the largest percentage from one country (40%) hail from my native land, but I really had no idea I had so many followers from Europe. Or that I have twice as many followers from India (6%) than from China. (Although I suspect this particular data point is skewed since I've noticed that many Chinese don't set a location or make their location public.)

The gender breakdown, 4:1 male to female, doesn't surprise me either, although it doesn't necessarily jive with my real time interaction here.... more »

posted image

2012-01-18 01:16:50 (1 comments, 4 reshares, 11 +1s)

Standard programming for this stream has been suspended to support the global protest against internet censorship.

That is all...

posted image

2012-01-18 00:59:24 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

SOPA sucks life out of the internet

posted image

2012-01-16 03:58:41 (38 comments, 6 reshares, 12 +1s)

Transformation – Before and After

China might still be considered a developing nation, but some Chinese girls have certainly developed a knack for make-up. And here are some before and after shots that make me wonder whether they're even the same girl.

I've never been a fan of make-up and much prefer a natural look. And the overwhelming majority of Chinese girls do not use cosmetics, so don't be fooled by these posers as they are not representative.

BTW, it's the same girl in the last five images and apparently Luan Ling Nini is rather well known for her transformations. She has more posted on her blog (goo.gl/CZonX), if you're interested.

Here are a few of the comments by Chinese netizens...

Fuck, and to think I’ve YY‘d before to those pretty online MM! [YY'd means, ah, pleased himself and MM means"... more »

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:52 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:50 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:49 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:48 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:47 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:46 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:45 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:42 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:40 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:39 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:37 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After

posted image

2012-01-16 03:41:35 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Before and After


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