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CircleCount.com went online on the 5th of July 2011 and new features are added regularly.

Circles? Lots of circles!

One of the most important features of Google+ are the circles.

The sum of the people contained in all of your circles may not exceed the 5.000 mark as directed by Google+. In other words, one can be followed by a million people (e.g. Britney Spears) but can only have up to 5.000 people in her/his circles. You can find more information about Google Circles here.

CircleCount? Why should someone count circles?

At CircleCount.com we count the circles in which you are included. This metric represents the number of persons who are following a user's posts at Google+.

If your profile isn't already being tracked on CircleCount.com, you can easily add the url of your Google+ profile on our web site and we will start tracking your circles.

What is it all about?

The number of followers is a metric that measures a person's influence on Google+. The higher the number, the higher the person's influence since more followers are likely to view this person's posts.

We've added some additional metrics to measure the influence of a person, like the average number of +1s, comments or reshares a person gets for each post. You can find several rankings on CircleCount.com, e.g. the most followed and following persons or the most popular persons at Google+.

In the end it's all just for fun! ;)